FIRST LOOK: A huge week of EastEnders in 10 pictures

Phil's out for revenge...

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Next week’s EastEnders sees Phil take deadly revenge on an unsuspecting Jack, while Mick confides in Sharon about Linda’s drinking, and the Slaters find themselves in big trouble…

Phil’s on the warpath 

Phil’s convinced that Jack and Sharon are having an affair, and vows to teach Jack a lesson that he’ll never forget.

Ben can see his dad is struggling and promises to take care of Jack himself.

But Phil has no intention of letting Jack off the hook and, armed with a gun, he plots his revenge.

Adamant that Jack is the father of Sharon’s baby, Phil goes to extreme lengths to show he is not a man to be messed with… leaving Jack in deadly danger.

Will Jack be able to convince Phil that he’s got the wrong man?

Carters in crisis

Mick is frustrated that Ollie didn’t land a main role in the school nativity, so he plans to put on his own version at the pub.

The alternative nativity is a huge success as the children of Walford take centre stage.

But while everyone else is enjoying the show, Mick realises Linda is drinking again and he starts to worry.

Mick tries to distract himself from Linda’s drinking by enjoying the show…

While the parents of Walford love seeing their little ones on the stage, Mick can’t stop worrying about Linda and confides in Sharon, who promises to look out for her friend.

Sharon takes Linda to one side and suggests that she should spend more time with Mick, but Linda brushes off her concerns.

Linda congratulates Mick on a successful nativity, but he is still worried that her drinking is spiralling out of control.

The Slaters find themselves homeless?

The Slaters are shocked when the Panesar brothers burst into their house and tell them they’re the new landlords.

Kat discovers Mo has been hiding the notice letters and she is fuming, but the news is too much for poor Jean who already has too much on her plate.

Kat tries to charm Kheerat, but although he agrees to let them stay in the house, he reveals the rent will be going up.

Jean, Mo and Kat desperately try and put things right, and come up with a plan to charm the Panesar brothers. Will it work?

EastEnders airs Monday and Friday at 8pm and Tuesday and Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One.

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