Emmerdale fans unhappy over portrayal of Wendy Posner

She's a divisive character

Viewers of Emmerdale have expressed their continued frustration at the way the ITV soap is portraying the mother of rapist Lee Posner.

The character has been a divisive one ever since she arrived in the village, hoping to be near her grandchild.

Wendy is desperate to be close to grandchild Harry (Credit: ITV)

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The midwife has refused to accept her son was a rapist before he died, and has been a constant reminder of Victoria’s ordeal.

What is the point of this ridiculous story? It’s so offensive to actual victims.

On Thursday (January 30), fans of the soap were incensed yet again as Wendy and her son Luke talked about their feelings for Lee, who was killed after a violent exchange with the now imprisoned Robert Sugden.

Viewers took to social media to say they are fed up of the soap’s portrayal of Wendy, with some even saying the scriptwriters should be “ashamed of themselves” for showing her as a victim.

One said: “I really like Luke. But Wendy isn’t working as a character. It IS very upsetting, I imagine, for REAL LIFE rape victims to be watching this ‘extension’ of the storyline.

“It is just not a good look, and undermines other brilliant stuff Emmerdale is currently doing. Write Wendy OUT.”

Another agreed, saying: “What is the point of this ridiculous story? It’s so offensive to actual [bleep] victims!”

A third wrote: “She is offensive and needs to go now! Period. She should NEVER have been created in the first place! You’ve had several opportunities to remove her from the show, you choose not to. It’s disgusting and you expect the viewers to feel sorry for her? It’s a vile story. Shame on you!”

Wendy is allowed to see baby Harry in upcoming scenes (Credit: ITV)

“Absolutely the most horrendous storyline ever. Producer and writers need to get counselling thinking this is okay on any level,” fumed another.

One more said: “This is *actually* disgusting. It’s shameful this storyline ever saw the light of day. These producers are a disgrace.”

One more linked the controversial storyline with a recent news report that the amount of rapes being reported has declined.

They wrote: “Announced today the decline in reportings of rape. With [bleep] liked this being portrayed on TV, this is part of the problem. Shambolic everyone involved should be ashamed of this.”

We have contacted Emmerdale for comment.

Upcoming scenes show Victoria taking pity on Wendy and allowing her access to baby Harry.

Victoria was raped by Wendy’s son Lee in horrifying scenes last year, and she became pregnant with his child as a result.

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