EastEnders: Did Sharon’s lies seal son Dennis’s fate a year ago?

His death was hinted at TWICE

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After Dennis Rickman Jr’s shock death in EastEnders it seems the writing could have been on the wall for the character the whole time…

Not only did Ben Mitchell foreshadow the tragedy, but Dennis’s own mother, Sharon may have sealed his fate.

Sadly, 13-year-old Dennis ended up losing his life after drowning following the boat party crash last week.

The accident has left his mum Sharon devastated.

Dennis died EastEnders 35th anniversary boat tragedy
Dennis died (Credit: BBC iPlayer)

However if you were to go back over the past year’s worth of stories and there was more than one clue that Dennis would be the one to die.

In 2018, Louise Mitchell believed that her stepmum Sharon had been sleeping with Arches mechanic Keanu after hearing a voicemail of them getting steamy.

After blackmailing Sharon, Louise demanded to know the truth.

Sharon played the voicemail back to Louise telling her that Keanu had been giving her personal training sessions.

Despite refusing to believe Sharon at first, Sharon said: “Find a bible if you like.”

Sharon swore on Dennis's life that she wasn't having an affair with Keanu EastEnders
Sharon swore on Dennis’s life that she wasn’t having an affair with Keanu (Credit: BBC)

But Louise said: “On Dennis’s life.”

Sharon replied saying: “On my son’s life.”

That isn’t the only clue. Back in June, when the Mitchell family discovered Sharon was expecting, Sharon’s stepson Ben and family member Lola decided to buy her a card.

As a joke Ben picked up one that said ‘Deepest sympathies.’

Lola asked him if he was serious and Ben replied saying: “Could be ironic, couldn’t it?”

And sure enough, poor Dennis did end up dying. However there are things about the boat accident that Sharon doesn’t know.

Sharon’s best friend Ian and Dennis had an argument the day Dennis died.

Ian and Dennis had an argument before he died EastEnders 35th anniversary boat tragedy
Ian and Dennis had an argument before he died (Credit: BBC iPlayer)

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Ian found out Dennis was responsible for Bobby Beale’s online harassment, which led to Bobby being beaten and needing life-saving surgery.

Ian locked Dennis in a room on the boat’s lower deck planning to take him to the police after the party.

Dennis left Sharon a voicemail telling her what Ian had done.

As the boat crashed, Ian tried to save Dennis and managed to get him out of the room.

Dennis drowns EastEnders 35th anniversary boat tragedy
Dennis drowned as a surge of water came through the boat’s hallway (Credit: BBC iPlayer)

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But a surge of water caused the teen to drown.

After a discussion with Karen Taylor on Tuesday night (February 25) Sharon believes Phil Mitchell ‘killed her Denny’.

But will she ever listen to the voicemail? Will she find out what happened with Ian and Dennis?

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