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Coronation Street fans rage as Geoff spends all of Yasmeen’s money

He's controlling every penny she has

On Wednesday, Coronation Street aired devastating scenes as the soap’s coercive control storyline featuring Yasmeen and Geoff continued.

For months, Geoff Metcalfe (Ian Bartholomew) has been manipulating and controlling wife Yasmeen Nazir (Shelly King), shocking viewers.

In recent scenes, he managed to gain control of her bank account and the family business, meaning that she was left needing his permission to spend her own money.

Geoff has been controlling Yasmeen for months (Credit ITV)

That’s it Geoff you spend all Yasmeen’s money #Corrie.

Over recent weeks, Geoff has been giving Yasmeen an ‘allowance’ to spend on food shopping and items for the house and has been keeping her away from the restaurant as best he can.

Geoff has even been seen hiding a wad of cash in the house, after asking Yasmeen if she could remove some money from the restaurant for a holiday.

Yasmeen refused but Geoff clearly had other ideas and took the money without her permission.

Geoff’s taken control of the restaurant (Credit: ITV)

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Geoff has full control over Yasmeen’s money, and last night (Wednesday March 4), he practically admitted that he plans to use it; revealing how he plans to spend it.

Viewers were left disgusted after he claimed that it was his own money, not his wife’s funds.

He told his thrilled son, Tim Metcalfe that he would help pay towards his upcoming wedding to Sally Webster.

He didn’t just offer to cover the catering costs, but he planned to pay for the entire day using Yasmeen’s cash, shocking viewers further.

Geoff killed Yasmeen’s pet chicken, Charlotte, and served her up for dinner as punishment (Credit ITV)

Tim was surprised by how generous his father was being after Geoff claimed that he had plenty of money to treat him.

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Viewers were totally disgusted with Geoff’s behaviour, knowing that he would be using Yasmeen’s money without her permission and fearing that she would be left penniless.

One viewer said: “Wish Yasmeen was more Computer Savvy camera still hidden? Check the books her bank account! Geoff has control of her bank cards! #Corrie”.

Another fan said: “That’s it Geoff you spend all Yasmeen’s money #Corrie”.

A third fan commented: “Geoff is taking Yasmeen for every penny #corrie”.




It’s far from the first time fans have become irate with Geoff’s behaviour.

In scenes broadcast last month, fans were left in a state of shock when he killed Yasmeen’s pet chicken, Charlotte, in a bid to punish her, going on to serve the chicken up for dinner in distressing scenes.

One fan said: “It’s not just the fact that Geoff has killed Charlotte the chicken. It’s the fact Geoff has killed Charlotte to punish Yasmeen. And now he’s serving her up for dinner. What a disgusting individual #Corrie”.

Do you think Geoff will get caught or do you think he will get away with controlling Yasmeen and stealing her money?

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