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Emmerdale fans fear soap is going to let ‘another killer get away with murder’

Not again!?

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Viewers of Emmerdale are fearful that the ITV soap will let “another killer escape justice”.

This week, we’ve seen a devastated Marlon arrested for the murder of Graham Foster.

Marlon and Rhona were horrified to discover Graham’s corpse had been found (Credit: ITV)

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On Wednesday night (January 29), wrongfully imprisoned Marlon begged Rhona to believe he was innocent of the crime he’s been accused of.

Of course, we all know that it was actually Rhona’s ex-husband Pierce who really murdered Graham in the tense whodunnit week of episodes.

It’s about time Emmerdale starts showing that crime doesn’t pay.

But with Marlon in the frame, and Pierce soon to be returning to the village for a job, will another killer get away with murder?

Pierce returned to Emmerdale to murder Graham, but nobody knows (Credit: ITV)

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Viewers believe so.

Writing on Twitter, one fan slammed the Hotten police for arresting the wrong man, typing: “Maybe they just want an open and shut case for once? We know Emmerdale residents get away with murder – literally – so one ‘solved’ crime helps their stats.”

Another said: “It’s about time Emmerdale starts showing that crime doesn’t pay.”

Still fuming about Kerry and Amy getting away with their role in Frank Clayton’s death, a third fumed: “I’m sorry Emmerdale producers/writers but Amy and her dreadful mother laughing and acting as normal and getting away with killing Frank is just wrong. Yet another soap where innocents go to jail, and the guilty walk free.”


“If J-Hud is teasing storylines we’ve all been waiting for, could one of them be our beloved Grandad Frank getting the justice he deserves?” asked another, while one more said: “To have two people on the show in such a short space of time who have played the part of rapists and neither of them receiving proper sentences or their victims getting justice is just not right ITV.

“Take a good luck at your storylines when you take on such a sensitive subject.”

Another critic tweeted: “They made [the soap] worse with Kerry and Amy getting away with murder and other stupid storylines.”

Emmerdale fans have not forgotten or forgiven Kerry and her daughter Amy for their role in the death of Frank last year.

Emmerdale Amy Kerry Credit: ITV
Emmerdale fans believe Kerry and Amy ‘got away with murder’ (Credit: ITV)

Viewers know that the pair accidentally caused a fire at the sweet factory while stealing from a charity fund, and the fire led to the explosion which killed Tracy and Vanessa’s dad Frank.

Although they aren’t strictly murderers, they are responsible for Frank’s death but continue to live a normal life around the village – and even tried to set Frank up to be responsible for the fire!

Victoria Sugden’s rape storyline also incensed viewers last year, who claimed the storyline was making rapist Lee into a victim.

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