Ex Corrie writer reveals he hasn’t watched the soap for ten years

He hasn't seen an episode in ten years

Former Coronation Street writer Daran Little has admitted he hasn’t watched the soap in ten years.

Writer Daran was responsible for the soap’s history always being remembered and adhered to and has also written over 100 episodes of the show, until he left in 2009 to work on rival soap EastEnders.

Now during a Q&A on fansite Walford Web Daran has told how he has refused to watch Corrie since leaving.

He said: “I haven’t watched Coronation Street in nearly 10 years.

“My motto has always been, if you’re writing one soap you can’t keep following the others.”

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Daran added: “All the cast I was friends with over my 22 years there I’m still friends with, same goes for writers and crew.

“I’m not sure if the door would be open or not. In any case, my home for the past 10 years has been EastEnders and I’ve no plans on leaving.”

He also spoke about the Twitter spat he had with Corrie stars Kate Ford and Melanie Hill when he joked about his creative process in killing off characters.

melanie hill tweet
Melanie hit out at Daran for his tweets (Credit: Twitter)

He had tweeted: “Things soap writers do on boring train journeys, No.1 make a list of all the people you’ve killed off. No.2 make a list of all the people you want to kill off. No.3 make a list of all the people you wished you had killed off.”

Kate Ford, who plays Tracy Barlow in Coronation Street, hit out at the tweet replying: “Why are you tweeting this stuff Darren …. ???? This is people’s careers.”

Melanie Hill then added: “As an actor in a Soap, I am quite shocked by this flippant/arrogant and quite frankly upsetting comment.

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“Who the actual {expletive] made you God. We are all trying to do our jobs day after day… granted.. yes our lives are in your hands but do you have to be so [expletive] MEAN spirited.”

Daran has now explained that most people took his comments in the light-hearted way he intended: “I’m glad you saw my Twitter remark was light hearted… certainly wasn’t meant to cause offence.

“But the response was interesting because that’s exactly what writers are employed to do: create story – that often involves creating characters and sometimes departing them.”

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