Emmerdale fans call out ‘errors’ as Pierce holds Vanessa hostage

Why hasn't she called for help?

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Viewers of Emmerdale have called out what they believe to be a catalogue of ‘errors’, as Pierce Harris continues to hold Vanessa Woodfield hostage.

Many of those watching have described the storyline as ‘ridiculous’, with some even saying they’ve been forced to turn over. (Harsh!)

Pierce: handsome but unhinged (Credit: ITV)
Pierce: handsome but unhinged (Credit: ITV)

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On Thursday (February 20), Rhona Goskirk finally discovered that her rapist ex-husband Pierce had returned…

Oh dear, writers and producers, you should hang your heads in shame. Terrible writing.

But she has yet to prove that Pierce’s reappearance is connected to the death of Graham Foster.

Even more horrifyingly, Pierce currently has Rhona’s best friend Vanessa and her son Johnny held hostage in a nearby house.

Pierce has already murdered Graham... Will he kill again? (Credit: ITV)
Pierce has already murdered Graham… Will he kill again? (Credit: ITV)

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Pierce is convinced that he can persuade Rhona to give him another chance and start a new life with him – and he’s using Vanessa in order to have leverage.

But, as he continues to hold Vanessa hostage in Laurel’s empty cottage, viewers have an increasing number of grumbles about the situation.

Not least, why Vanessa hasn’t pulled her gag down and screamed for help, or escaped from her ties and run away?

Pierce abducted Johnny in earlier scenes (Credit: ITV)
Pierce abducted Johnny in earlier scenes (Credit: ITV)

Writing on Twitter, one said: “Not getting any better. He goes out and she’s alone, and STILL no attempt to get out of the loose gag or untie the barely tied rope, the one that’s got great big gaps round her wrists. Oh dear, writers and producers, you should hang your heads in shame. Terrible writing.”

Another wrote: “The main thing distressing me right now is the fact Vanessa hasn’t noticed in three to four days that she can reach her face with her hands and could remove the pointless gag from her mouth #Emmerdale.”

A third said: “Awful viewing, she could just pull the drawer out.”

“Most ridiculous storyline ever. Switching off for good. Pathetic writing,” fumed one more, while another said: “Why doesn’t she stand up, pull the drawer out and walk out of the house?”

Others mentioned that there are glass bottles behind where she is tied, which she could break to use as a weapon or a tool.

Some fans were concerned for Vanessa’s toilet habits, wondering how she’s managing to relieve herself.

One asked: “Where the hell is Vanessa going to toilet? She must have a very strong bladder. She’s not even in wet clothes and been kept hostage for days…”

Another thought the same, typing: “There’s no bucket so has she been crapping on the floor?”

Some questioned why no one has noticed that there’s movement in Laurel’s house while she spends time in Australia, while others simply complained the plot had been dragging on for too long.

“Sorry Emmerdale, you have joined the other soaps in this unrealistic storyline,” lamented one former fan. “I have voted for you every year. I have watched you since I can remember, but I’m turning off until this story is finished. You would never believe it. Bye for now.”

So many armchair critics! We’re loving it!

Emmerdale recently won Best Serial Drama at the prestigious NTAs, while EastEnders walked away empty handed.

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