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Emmerdale’s Ryan Hawley reveals all about Robert Sugden’s exit

Ryan joined Emmerdale in 2014

Actor Ryan Hawley, who plays Robert Sugden in Emmerdale, has revealed more details about his character’s upcoming exit.

Back in May, Robert’s sister Victoria was horrifically raped by Lee Posner after Emmerdale’s Big Night Out.

Shortly afterwards, she found out she was pregnant with Lee’s baby.

Victoria raped by lee
Lee raped Victoria after Emmerdale’s Big Night Out (Credit: ITV)

After several attempts to get revenge on Lee and find proof of what he did, Robert ended up hitting him over the head with a shovel in a fit of rage and putting him in hospital.

As a result, the businessman was charged and ended up pleading guilty to Grievous Bodily Harm, so Victoria wouldn’t have to lie to the court saying it was self-defence.

As Robert awaits sentencing for the assualt, Ryan has revealed his alter ego is feeling “optimistic”.

He said: “He’s waiting for the inevitable. He is however, optimistic that it is going to only be a short amount of time that he’s away for.

Robert Sugden in the dock
Robert pled guilty to GBH with intent (Credit: ITV)

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“I believe, worst case scenario – only a couple of years. He is quite confident in the fact that he has pled guilty so sentencing will be a bit more lenient.”

However, things are set to take the worst possible turn for Robert when he finds out that Lee has died.

Realising that Robert could now be charged with Lee’s murder, Liv suggests he goes on the run with husband Aaron.

“It’s shocking, it comes out of nowhere,” revealed Ryan.

“Victoria comes and says Lee has died and they very quickly start to process what the implications will mean for Robert’s sentencing.

“Everything very quickly escalates and it leads to Aaron and Robert making a very rash decision which is to leave the village fast and for good.”

Robert and Aaron go on the run (Credit: ITV)

Speaking about Robert’s exit, Ryan says: “The news has just been broken to them so they haven’t really got a plan, they are going to have to take it as it comes.

“It means some very emotional goodbyes to some people in the village, but they have to be quick and there are some people they don’t even get a chance to because there just isn’t time.

“The police are literally on their way so they have to be fast and quickly make it out of the village. They really believe they are going to stay on the run and make it work.

“There were very emotional goodbyes with a real sense of urgency.”

But with Aaron actor Danny Miller having confirmed he’s sticking with the show, something will surely go wrong with their plan…

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7pm on ITV, with an extra episode at 8pm on Thursdays.

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