Belle Dingle

Emmerdale’s Robert Sugden to save Belle Dingle from jail?

She's in the frame for murder...

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Belle Dingle really should choose her boyfriends more carefully.

The young teenager has been to hell and back thanks to now ex-beau Lachlan White – and her ordeal is far from over yet.

In fact, it might be about to get much worse.

Belle Dingle visits Lachlan in jail
Belle Dingle regretted visiting Lachlan in jail (Credit: ITV)

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Belle was horrified when she recently discovered she was dating a deranged serial killer, who had murdered his own mum, grandad and best friend in cold blood.

As Lachlan went on the rampage in Emmerdale, he took her hostage declaring he’d done it all for her.

Until now, Belle had been safe from his fury because he loved her. But that all changed this week…

Lachlan and Belle in the woods
If you go down to the woods today… Make sure you’re not with a serial killer (Credit: ITV)

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On Thursday (13 September), fans were aghast as Lachlan drew Belle into his sick game by telling police she had been his accomplice all along.

While some fans called out the police for believing Lachlan’s twisted lies, they did appear to be taking his outrageous claims seriously.

And viewers have declared Robert Sugden to be her saviour.

Robert is in the middle of the drama as per usual (Credit: ITV)

After the double bill aired, astute viewers were quick to point out that Robert could easily contradict Lachlan’s lies, as he was in the room when the killer confessed everything to Belle.

One wrote: “Surely Robert can just say belle didn’t know anything as he was there when she found out?”

Another added: “You’ve just killed the storyline in 30 seconds. Robert was there when Lachlan confessed to Belle. Load of rubbish. Don’t drag the Rebecca thing out now too.”

A third cried: “If they believe that they are absolutely stupid! Robert was there when Lachlan confessed! He can tell them that Belle had no idea.”

Will Robert speak up in Belle’s defence if the allegations go any further?

Or will he be too distracted tracking down Rebecca?

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