Rebecca White alive

Emmerdale’s Rebecca makes shock return – but fans have some burning questions…

Is her ordeal finally over?

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Rebecca White is alive and back in the arms of those who love her in Emmerdale.

In scenes which could have come straight out of a spooky ghost story, the mother of one made an eerie return to the village – just as everyone had given up hope of her being alive.

On Tuesday (18 September), she appeared like a supernatural vision in a floating white nightgown at the graveyard.

Rebecca White graveyard
Aaron and Robert looked like they’d seen a ghost (Credit: ITV)

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Robert Sugden, Victoria Barton, Aaron Dingle and Rebecca’s baby son Seb were visiting the grave of Sarah Sugden, and couldn’t believe their eyes when a pale Rebecca appeared from the bushes.

She had been missing for months after being held hostage by her deranged nephew Lachlan, now in jail, and more recently a deluded nurse paid by Lachlan to keep her locked away.

Rebecca appeared just after scenes where Robert had revealed he was upset that Seb would not have anywhere to pay his respects to his mum, with Rebecca’s body still missing.

Rebecca gave Robert – and fans – a huge shock (Credit: ITV)

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As they discussed planting a tree in her honour next to Sarah’s grave, Rebecca suddenly appeared at the cemetery – alive and free from the clutches of the sinister medic.

But, as they all hugged an overwhelmed Rebecca, fans were left with a multitude of questions…

Obviously everyone is wondering how she escaped needle-wielding nurse Mrs Sykes, and many questioned how on earth she could have made it back to Emmerdale on her own.

One said: “Literally how the [bleep] did she find her way back to #Emmerdale??”

Another agreed, typing: “So how the hell did she make it back?”

A third added: “How the [bleep] did she manage to get there?? I’m so confused. So many questions.”

Other fans called out the storyline for “dragging”, for being “unrealistic” and an “anti-climax”.

Some fans ridiculed the fact that Rebecca just happened to ‘turn up’ at the cemetery, knowing her son and friends would be there…

One fan blasted: “How many times have Emmerdale made out Rebecca is dead now…4,5? How lucky that she was left in the grave yard at just the same time Robert, Aaron and Victoria were making a visit which they probably do once a year :p at least its over now & Lachlan has no power left.”

Another lamented: “Tad anticlimactic that, Rebecca just poppin up in a gown outside a grave and bumping into Robert.”

A third added: “Oh give me strength. Lachlan can remember Robert’s mobile number when he’s hardly ever used it and Rebecca in angelic Daz white gown just happens to have a reunion in the cemetery. Yeah because you knew they’d be waiting for you there of all places. Flippin nonsense.”

Meanwhile, Emmerdale dropped a massive hint that Rebecca’s ordeal is far from over when they shared a tweet which read: “Hold that pint for Rebecca, everyone! It may be premature.”

Did she kill the nurse?

And will she join Lachlan in jail for her crimes?

Perhaps this storyline isn’t over just yet…

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