Emmerdale’s Maya to fall pregnant in ‘who’s the daddy’ plot?

Would it be Jacob's or David's?

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Despicable groomer Maya has finally had her wicked way with her schoolboy lover Jacob.

After weeks of teasing him, the schoolteacher seduced the lad just days after his 16th birthday.

The pair did the deed in a hotel room in Monday night’s episode.

Jacob and Maya Emmerdale
Jacob and Maya have sealed their ‘love’ (Credit: ITV)

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But now it seems Maya needs the thrill of more danger, as last night she went to the teenager’s room, after his dad/her boyfriend David had hit the hay.

She told her besotted boy she couldn’t stop thinking about the previous night, then kissed him.

Viewers were left to assume that they had a rematch on his single bed!

And many have cooked up a very plausible scenario… that Maya could fall pregnant.

Emmerdale's Maya in sick new plan to abuse Jacob in front of his dad David
Maya is playing off father and son (Credit: ITV)

Sure, we saw Jacob buy condoms but he is inexperienced… and Maya is so twisted she might want to get up the duff while ‘romancing’ father and son.

In her sick mind a ‘who’s the daddy?’ game with Jacob could be the ultimate tease and power trip.

The theory is gathering pace on Twitter…

“Maya is a sick-twisted yucky disgusting woman. Taking advantage of a young schoolboy. I have a feeling she will end up getting pregnant too,” wrote one fan.

“Maya is clearly going to get pregnant,” added another simply.

“How long is this storyline going to drag out?! I can’t deal with it anymore… what’s the chances Maya ends up pregnant or something with Jacob’s baby,” another said.

Maya and Jacob Emmerdale
Maya has been manipulating Jacob (Credit: ITV)

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One viewer posted: “Would be funny if Jacob got his teacher pregnant, poor boy.”

And a fifth mused: “Maya is gonna fall pregnant and she’s not going to know who’s the daddy.”

Louisa Clein, who plays Maya, has confirmed that she will be found out and justice will be served… what more explosive a way could it all come out!

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