Matthew Wolfenden defends Emmerdale after it’s accused of ‘dragging out’ Maya plot

Maya is finally arrested next week

Emmerdale’s Maya Stepney gets arrested next week and not a minute too soon, according to viewers who have found the plot unbearable to watch.

For the past year, teacher Maya’s manipulation and grooming of schoolboy Jacob left soap fans raging at their screens.

Maya and Jacob kissing Emmerdale sex
Wrong, wrong, wrong! (Credit: ITV)

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And when their relationship became sexual, many of those watching slammed the scenes as “uncomfortable” and “sickening”.

Some even complained to Ofcom.

During the Big Night Out story arc, Maya and Jacob’s relationship was finally exposed when Priya saw the pair kissing outside a nightclub and told Jacob’s mum Leyla.

While viewers thought it would end there and Leyla would call the police, the drama was far from over and events led to Maya and Jacob planning to run away together.

Fans have been begging Maya to be reported to the police, and have criticised the plot for “dragging on too long”.

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However Matthew Wolfenden, who plays Jacob’s adoptive dad David Metcalfe, has insisted the soap has played it just right.

In an interview with Digital Spy, he explained he’s “relieved” that the storyline is coming to an end, but defends the length of time it has taken – saying it’s more realistic that way.

He said: “It has been a year of David being quite blinkered to the fact that this was going on behind his back. There were a lot of people on social media saying ‘I can’t believe he hasn’t noticed’.

“But this is the whole point of this storyline. Children, both boys and girls, are being groomed and abused, and people don’t notice. Teachers don’t notice and parents don’t notice. It happens.”

Maya and David have a huge showdown (Credit: ITV)

He continued: “I know it has been an uncomfortable watch over the past year, but this is what goes on. I think the slow-burn of the story, and the fact that David hasn’t noticed, has actually been very realistic.”

Maya’s comeuppance takes place next week when she is makes one last attempt to flee from the village with Jacob.

She is expecting to meet the 16-year-old at the cricket pavilion so they can run away together, but David shows up instead – closely followed by the police.

However, this won’t be the end of the storyline, as Jacob vows to stand by his lover.

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