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Tuesday 26th May 2020

Emmerdale's Lisa Riley celebrates four years booze free

She lost a huge 12 stone

Lisa Riley, who is returning to Emmerdale soon, has celebrated her four year anniversary of giving up alcohol.

Mandy Dingle actress Lisa decided to stop drinking four years ago during her battle to lose a huge 12 stone and change her life entirely.

And she says she has no regrets.

Posting on Instagram she said: "FOUR YEARS AGO TODAY ....I took the road to personal 'achievement' and seemed to follow it for a very very long time, deciding to NOT drink any alcohol and TRULY thought to myself it would last maybe a year or so.

"I did it to lose weight and stop suffocating my life with a cloud of FAKE which is what booze did for me.

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"And TODAY here I am FOUR YEARS later, and probably will never ever drink again...WHY?

"Well because my life is so much lighter (in many ways) and I have a sense of freedom, by feeling ALIVE and mainly, having no FAKE in my life, hiding behind a bottle of wine, which helped me through a battle with grief from losing my mum.

"All I can say and, I suppose advise anyone wanting to try it, try taking the road to #achievement you will probably find you REALLY like it."

Lisa spent her life being seriously overweight before deciding to change her life entirely.

She began losing weight in 2015 and dropped from a size 28 to a size 12, losing 12 stone in 18 months.

But her achievement meant she was left with excess skin and she was forced to undergo gruelling surgery to remove it after speaking out about how it was making exercising difficult.

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Mandy's back (Credit: ITV)

Lisa revealed her transformation on Loose Women and since her career has sky rocketed with critically acclaimed roles in grooming drama Three Girls and a return to Emmerdale.

The actress made a brief return over the New Year as Mandy, but now she's set for a full time comeback in the coming weeks.

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