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Emmerdale’s Graham finally revealed who really killed Joe Tate

Viewers think he's lying...

Kim Tate arrived back in Emmerdale last night, and with her a whirlwind of trouble. As usual!

And the person who should be watching his back is most definitely Cain Dingle…

Cain meets Kim Tate Emmerdale
Has Cain met his match? (Credit: ITV)

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Last night (Thursday 14 March), Kim forced Graham to drop everything to come and get her.

Treating him like her little lapdog, she later got him to explain what had really happened with her nemesis Joe Tate… Something all Emmerdale fans have been wondering since last year!

Graham told Kim the circumstances surrounding Joe’s death, explaining that Cain had done the killing and he’d simply got rid of the body.

Emmerdale Cain, Graham and Joe
Viewers still don’t know who really killed Joe – or if he’s even dead (Credit: ITV)

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He told her: “He killed him before I had the chance.”

As the realisation sunk in with Kim, viewers realised what this meant for village favourite Cain… That his life is in grave danger.

Kim is now convinced she has to get rid of Cain, as he knows too much and could bring her down.

She said: “This is too messy. There’s no way Cain is dragging us down with him. He needs silencing.”

Kim and Cain met for the first time in Emmerdale history (Credit: ITV)
Kim and Cain met for the first time in Emmerdale history (Credit: ITV)

The Machiavellian pair were then seen plotting Cain’s murder.

So was Graham’s version of events the truth? Fans weren’t so sure, with many accusing him of lying.

After all, viewers saw Joe’s finger twitch after Cain supposedly killed him… So did Graham really finish him off? Or save his life?

Is he lying to protect Joe, who fans believe is still alive, or protect himself from Kim?


One fan wrote: “Did Graham lie about Cain to hide the fact he is secretly protecting Joe or is he telling the truth? I just need to know #Emmerdale.”

Another added: “So Graham is lying to Kim about Cain being the one to actually kill Joe… Too much to hope he’s lying to keep Joe safe because he’s still alive?! #emmerdale.”

A third said: “Why did Graham just lie to Kim? The viewers know that Joe was alive between getting punched by Cain and being put into the boot of the car. The last we saw Joe was alive but knocked out… #Emmerdale.”

“I wonder why Graham lied to Kim about Joe’s ‘death’?” asked another.

One thing we DO know is that Kim is set to clash with Moira in the coming weeks, and will attempt to seduce Cain in a bid to get her way.

Either way, we’re worried for you Cain!

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