Emmerdale’s Chas and Paddy torn apart by death of baby?

Couple face terrible individual pain

Emmerdale viewers know that they are in for some difficult scenes from Paddy and Chas in the coming months.

She made the difficult decision to continue with her pregnancy, despite knowing their baby has no chance of survival.

The couple plan to donate the organs of their tiny daughter, who they are calling Margarita.

Margarita has no chance of survival (Credit: ITV)

Immensely brave and selfless. But preparing the deal with the awful grief of losing a child still won’t come close to the real pain.

Lucy Pargeter has hinted at the devastation to come… could it tear Paddy and Chas apart?

“I really hope Paddy and Chas stay together but hopefully they are going to continue to show two people going through the same experience but who have different ways of getting through it,” the real-life mum-of-three told

And the storyline is taking its toll in private.

“Reading the scripts has been hard, I’ve been crying a lot at home while reading the scripts,” she revealed.

“When we talk about the dialogue and what we’re actually saying there’s some absolutely beautiful lines written.

“So it has been really difficult, it’s been harrowing and hard, but it’s been enjoyable to play their journey as a partnership and a couple.”

Paddy and Chas will face more tragedy (Credit: ITV)

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We really hope it pushes them closer together rather than pull them apart; they’re one of the soap’s most watchable and likable couples.

Chas discovered that she wouldn’t have a future with her child when she went for the 20-week scan and learned her daughter was suffering from the condition bilateral renal agenesis.

This means that the baby has no kidneys, and the lungs are also underdeveloped.

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