Emmerdale fans question why April is living with Billy and Ellis Chapman

Her dad is in prison

Viewers of Emmerdale have questioned why schoolgirl April Dingle is living with Ellis and Billy Chapman.

The youngster is currently devastated as her dad Marlon is languishing in jail for a crime he didn’t commit – murdering Graham Foster.

April, Mandy, Ellis, Billy, Emmerdale
April is being looked after by Ellis and Billy Chapman (Credit: ITV)

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On Thursday (January 30), fans of the show were heartbroken for the poor schoolgirl when she was told she wasn’t able to visit her dad Marlon in jail.

Would social services really allow April to stay with two young guys who aren’t even remotely related to her?

Until Marlon can prove his innocence, April will remain separated from her dad.

But viewers were baffled as to why the young girl was being looked after by Billy and Ellis.

Marlon and April
Marlon and April in happier times (Credit: ITV)

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Billy was seen breaking the news that the prison doesn’t allow under-16s to visit – a lie concocted to protect April from seeing her dad in such a horrible place – and April was clearly distressed.

During the rest of the double bill, the brothers tried their best to make sure she was okay, with Billy telling Ellis: “She may not have her dad right now, but she still has her two brothers.”

But those watching from home weren’t convinced about their role as guardians, with one tweeting: “Only just catching up with Emmerdale. Would social services really allow April to stay with two young guys who aren’t even remotely related to her? One of which hasn’t long been out of prison!”

Another said: “In the real world, would April be looked after by them?”

A third added: “Not certain why April will be left in the house with Billy and Ellis. They aren’t really family #Emmerdale.”

“Surely Bob would be looking after April?” asked one, and another added: “She’d be in emergency foster care.”

However, others were touched with the brothers looking after their stepsister, with one tweeting: “Billy and Ellis supporting April, aww.”

Another tweeted: “Billy looking after April is melting my heart #Emmerdale.”

A third said: “Poor April, I’m glad she’s got her lovely big brothers to take care of her.”

In the second of the double bill, Mandy announced she would also be moving into the house for “girlie chats” with April.

Of course, viewers know that Marlon was married to Billy and Ellis’ mum Jessie, but the pair split up last year when she had an affair with her ex-husband and Ellis’s dad Al Chapman.

April and Mandy
April didn’t seem that impressed when Mandy announced she was moving in (Credit: ITV)

In upcoming scenes, April’s world crumbles around her when Pollard unwittingly lets slip that children are allowed to visit prisons, and she suddenly realises she’s been lied to.

Feeling more alone than ever, the confused youngster runs away forcing Mandy to call the police.

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