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Tuesday 18th June 2019

Who is Emmerdale newcomer Richard? Everything we know about him so far...

Is he really Kim Tate's son?

A handsome newcomer has arrived in Emmerdale with a sweet smile and a nicely-trimmed beard and, of course, fans smell a rat!

Last night (Tuesday 8 January), 'Richard' walked into Debbie Dingle's life and sparks seemed to fly. And we're not talking the car variety...

But who IS Richard? And could he be related to Kim Tate as some fans fear?

Handsome? Check! Mysterious? Check! Dangerous? Probably! (Credit: ITV)

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Richard (Paul Luebke) turned up at Cain and Debbie's garage to pick up his car which was being fixed by the father and daughter team.

However, Debbie had to tell him it wasn't ready and that he needed to return later.

As they spoke, it was clear to viewers that there was an element of chemistry between them - with Richard clearly showing an interest in Debbie and enjoying a little flirt...

Cain plays cupid between Debbie and Richard, but will he regret it? (Credit: ITV)

I don't know why I'm thinking this but I wonder if that guy at the garage is James Tate? #emmerdale.

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And Cain was quick to notice too!

Leaping on the opportunity to help Debbie forget about her ex-fiancé Joe Tate and that horrible business of being jilted at the altar, Cain decides to play cupid.

The interfering dad arranges for Richard and Debbie to meet on Friday night (11 January), but will they hit it off and is Debbie ready to move on?

There's definitely chemistry between Richard and Debbie... (Credit: ITV)

Or, more importantly perhaps, is Richard really what he seems?

Fans believe he is in fact the son of Debbie-hating Kim Tate, whose real name is James.

One speculated: "I don't know why I'm thinking this but I wonder if that guy at the garage is James Tate? #emmerdale."

Another agreed, saying: "I bet £5 that is James Tate #emmerdale."

"Who thinks that Irish man is James Tate?!" asked another.

Has James Tate arrived in Emmerdale? And, if so, why?

Emmerdale has previously hinted at a return for Kim Tate's son James, as she ordered Graham to track him down way back in October.

Viewers know that James is the only child Kim had with her former husband Frank Tate.

Has James returned, only older and without a dummy? (Credit: ITV)

Born in 1996, James appeared in the show for three years until leaving in 1999 when his mum fled the village in a helicopter in order to avoid being arrested.

However, Kim did end up in prison, with actress Claire King recently admitting her character Kim is now estranged from her son.

She said: "He's bound to be young, glamorous, gorgeous... They're going to bring that kind of character in to replace Joe, aren't they?

"He'll be a good looking young boy. They haven't spoken for a while, so that's why she's asked Graham to try and find James."

I'm back....! (Credit: ITV)

In an interview with The Sun, she said: "Well, we don't know where [James] is.

"I had this theory ages ago that after Ireland, she probably married someone or nicked some money off a very wealthy man, ran off to the Costa Del Sol, committed loads of crime. In fact, she was probably with James committing a lot of crime, the two of them a bit sort of Bonnie and Clyde.

"But no, obviously not, because she hasn't been speaking to him but I had it all worked out in my head."

She added: "They haven't spoken for a long, long time. I think when she was in Ireland she sent him off to school and he's run away and she can't find him. They don't talk and something has happened.

"I'm sure James will be putting in an appearance."

Paul Luebke has previously starred in River City, Free Rein and Casualty.

Let's hope he's sticking around!

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