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Sunday 17th November 2019

Which days is Emmerdale on this week?

All the latest news on episodes set to air in the next seven days

Emmerdale left fans heartbroken as Robert Sugden-Dingle's final scenes aired.

But his husband Aaron had no idea it was the last time he was going to see his other half, so how will he cope when he discovers the truth this week?

Here's when Emmerdale is on the week commencing Monday November 4, 2019 - and what's happening elsewhere in the Dales.

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Monday November 11, 7pm

Charity lies to Vanessa again (Credit: ITV)

After Vinny revealed Charity was involved in Mandy's casino scam, Vanessa gives her fiancée the chance to come clean.

But Charity disappoints when she fails to tell the truth, leaving a gutted Vanessa with no choice but to end their relationship.

Meanwhile, Liv is suspicious of Aaron and Cain and what they're up to.

It looks like she's right to be when at the garage a man named Sean approaches. Cain's mood darkens when he realises Seasn is a member of the gang he and Aaron stole the car from...

And, Amy encourages a hungover Kerry to speak to Dan, but Kerry is sure he won't want to know.

Tuesday November 12, 7pm (Hour-long episode)

Are Cain and Aaron in too deep? (Credit: ITV)

Things take a turn for Cain and Aaron when they get a call from Sean saying he's kidnapped Moses.

All hell breaks loose when Charity finds out the truth, and as Sean demands Aaron and Cain return his car and they can have Moses back safely, will Charity forgive them?

Did he fall or was he pushed (Credit: ITV)

Elsewhere, after Archie comes along to Ashley's birthday picnic, Arthur is fuming and blames the little lad for ruining it.

Arthur pushes Archie, knocking him unconscious.

Laurel and Jai think Archie fell, but while tending to him they find another mark on him. Arthur quickly concocts a story about Jimmy being responsible.

Also, Bernice is sad she can't get hold of Dee Dee on the phone, but Liam has a surprise for her, and Graham gets cold feet about a weekend away with Rhona.

Wednesday November 13, 7pm

Charity is at war with the Dingles (Credit: ITV)

Even though Cain and Aaron have apologised, Charity is still on the warpath, insisting 'sorry' can't make things right.

As Chas steps in to defend Aaron, Charity turns on her too. As a huge rift forms between Charity and her family, will she be left with no one?

Meanwhile, Jimmy is stunned to be accused of hurting Archie, and Laurel worries about how her friendship with Nicola will survive this.

Will Mandy's 'help' be a success this time? (Credit: ITV)

And, Mandy tries to help Lydia reach out to her sister.

Thursday November 14

No episode due to international football.

Friday November 15, 7pm

As Arthur continues to persecute Archie, Laurel tries to play peacemaker.

Meanwhile, Gabby and Leanna offer a helping hand.

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