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Thursday 20th February 2020

Which days is Emmerdale on this week?

All the latest news on episodes set to air in the next seven days

This week's Emmerdale sees Cain Dingle pull a gun on an unlikely suspect - but does he really know who he's shooting?

Elsewhere, Vanessa's still being held hostage and Charity has all but given up on saving their relationship. Can Rhona convince her otherwise?

And Dawn's visit with Lucas is thrown into jeopardy.

Find out all the goings on in Emmerdale this week, here.

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Monday February 17, 7pm

Pierce has Vanessa hostage (Credit: ITV)

Vanessa is being held captive by Pierce, and she's desperately wondering where Johnny is.

Meanwhile, Charity resolves to stop checking her phone for messages from Vanessa, despite Rhona's plea not to give up on them.

Charity is convinced Vanessa has gone on holiday without her, but will she realise what's really going on?

Dawn alarms Lucas when she snaps (Credit: ITV)

Lucas arrives for his visit and Dawn is terrified, wanting everything to go right.

Billy has made a pillow fort, which Lucas is thrilled with, but when it collapses around him, Dawn snaps at Billy, alarming Lucas.

Tuesday February 18, 7pm

Will Rhona get answers? (Credit: ITV)

Rhona gets a visit from Ryan. He has shocking news that could change everything should she decide to go to the police...

Meanwhile, Will organises a kids fun blaster fight, but Billy is forced to hide his panic when he realises Lucas has a real gun, not a blaster toy.

He carefully talks to Lucas, getting him to hand the gun over, but where has it come from?

Also, Vanessa begins to lose hope and Moira feels like an outcast.

Wednesday February 19, 7pm

Cara is back (Credit: ITV)

Nate tries to fix things between Cain and Moira, sure Cain still loves his wife.

But Cain snaps and threatens Nate, forcing Cara, who has returned, to intervene. Nate tells his mum he doesn't need her help.

Also, Will feels guilty over the gun incident, and Harriet is forced to ask for help.

And, Mandy continues her 'Free Marlon' campaign.

Thursday February 20, 7pm

Cain shoots (Credit: ITV)

Cain heads up to the farm to check on Moira with rustlers still on the prowl. He finds the dead body of a sheep and reaches for his gun.

He rushes back to the barn where Moira is waiting.

Inside he shoots the figure of a man approaching Moira in the darkness, assuming it's a rustler.

However when the flashlight illuminates their face, Moira and Cain are shocked to see who it is.

Thursday January 16, 8pm

Will Leyla and Liam give in? (Credit: ITV)

Sparks fly between Leyla and Liam as they pursue their secret romance. But will Leanna find out?

Elsewhere, Cain is in shock after the shooting - can he and Moira save the victim?

Paddy has good and bad news for Marlon (Credit: ITV)

Paddy visits Marlon to update him on the campaign for his freedom.

Although Paddy tries to be positive, it's a struggle, but there is some happiness when Paddy asks him to be Eve's godfather.

Friday February 21, 7pm

Priya's thrilled to see Jai home (Credit: ITV)

Jai returns early from rehab and Priya is thrilled to see him. How will his return go down with everyone else?

Paddy is shaken to hear Rhona thinks Pierce is out of prison and has tried to contact her.

She shows Paddy the card she found and it's clear she's utterly terrified.

Meanwhile, Vanessa is desperate for information on Johnny, but will Pierce play ball?

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