Emmerdale fans sob as Debbie Dingle is told daughter Sarah will die

Emmerdale SPOILER: New twist for the Dingles in the aftermath of Sarah’s heart op

Will Debbie ever see her daughter again?

There’s a new shock heading for Debbie and the rest of the Dingles following Sarah Sudgen’s life-changing heart transplant.

Tonight (Monday 15th) saw emotional scenes between Debbie and Sarah as it was revealed that the hospital had found her a new donor heart and the teenager’s operation was imminent.

Sarah was stunned when doctors revealed they’d found a heart for her (Credit: ITV)

As a terrified Sarah was wheeled off for her life-saving surgery, all she wanted was her mum by her side.

But, unfortunately for Debbie, she was handcuffed to a guard at the time after being arrested last week for her role in Ross Barton’s acid attack.

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But this is only the start of the drama heading for Debbie and the rest of the Dingles.

Debbie was heartbroken to realise she couldn’t be there for her daughter (Credit: ITV)

Not only is Debbie none the wiser that Joe, who she thinks stood her up on her wedding day, is actually dead and lying under a viaduct thanks to Cain and Graham’s involvement, but she’s also faced with the terrifying prospect that her daughter could die while she’s locked up in prison.

As Debbie breaks down, fearing she might never see her daughter again, it’s left to Faith and Charity to be at the hospital when Sarah comes out of theatre.

Debbie has no idea that Joe is dead (Credit: ITV)

But as the rest of this week’s episodes unfold, it seems the future isn’t looking that rosy for poor Sarah.

When the doctor is unable to give Faith and Charity a definitive answer about Sarah’s condition after the operation, the family are left fearing that it might not be the success they’d hoped.

Emmerdale's Debbie Dingle devastated as daughter Sarah refuses heart transplant
What does the future hold for Sarah? (Credit: ITV)

But as the Dingles wonder how they’re going to break the news to a traumatised Debbie, the lonely mum is already in her prison cell fearing the worst for her daughter.

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Could it really be that Debbie is set to spend her child’s final days at Her Majesty’s pleasure?

Or will Sarah rally and be able to put a smile on her mum’s face?

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