Emmerdale viewers slam the soap for repeating storylines

Fans claimed stories are going around in circles

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Fans of Emmerdale have slammed the soap for what they consider to be repeated scenes and storylines.

Frustrated viewers hit out at the show, claiming it is replaying plots to death – and demanded urgent action.

Moira finds out that Malone isn't the nice detective he makes himself out to be (Credit: ITV)
Cain and Moira’s storyline has been stuck in a rut say viewers (Credit: ITV)

They claim storylines such as Moira Barton’s heavy drinking, Cain Dingle’s abuse of those around him and Wendy stalking Victoria Sugden have been going around in circles.

Writing on Digital Spy Forums, one asked: “Has anyone else noticed this? Like Moria shouting at Cain about having the kids back and him treating her like dirt.

“Wendy creeping round Victoria and Leyla swooning after boring Liam. Aaron just being miserable constantly. It’s like the same conversations go on. Something needs to change. New producer maybe?”

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Others quickly agreed, with a second saying: “The show is literally groundhog Day.

“I’m sick of Cain’s self pitying and whining as well. And please god don’t give that bloody spoiled Tate boy anything more to whine about either.”

A third said: “Too few storylines, too many episodes. Also there’s not enough likeable characters at the moment.

Wendy Vic
Wendy has repeatedly stalked Victoria (Credit: ITV)

“The show needs a kick up its [expletive] and producers who can actually produce good storylines/ ideas.

“Another plane crash wouldn’t go amiss now… although killing 24 rather than just 4 main characters this time.”

Another added: “I am commenting as I have been watching since the first episode.

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“I love the show but it has recently been ruined, so I have stopped watching until it improves, I watch snippets every now and again to see if it has improved and so far it hasn’t. When it does and gets back to the soap I knew and loved, then I will watch again.

“I know the show inside and out but recently is has become a damn mess.”

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