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Saturday 14th December 2019

Emmerdale tears as Liv humiliated on her 16th birthday

She was left utterly humiliated by a completely unexpected person

Liv Flaherty has been left in tears on her 16th birthday in Emmerdale.

The younger sister of Aaron Dingle - played by Isobel Steele in the ITV soap - was tricked by her vengeful best friend Gabby Thomas into letting her tattoo her.

Liv Flaherty was left in tears on her birthday in Emmerdale (Credit: ITV)

But because Gabby thought Liv had kissed her ex Jacob, she plotted vile revenge for Liv and humiliated her at her own party.

The daughter of late vicar Ashley Thomas schemed to give Liv an insulting tattoo, albeit thankfully in henna, before telling everyone about Liv kissing her.

"Liv, it says skank, because it's exactly what you are," Gabby said to her revealing she had changed her tattoo to the word 'skank'.

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"A boyfriend-thieving skank."

"She's the joke, trying to get off with her best mate's ex and then lying to me about it."

"And Jacob, don't flatter yourself - you were probably just an experiment," she added as Liv began to cry.

Liv was left humiliated by the tattoo from Gabby (Credit: ITV)

"She's supposed to be my mate but you've stabbed me in the back, well now you know what it feels like, you two-faced liar.

"Oh and also, she kissed me. What's that about Liv?"

Liv rushed out of her own party utterly humiliated and viewers were devastated for her.

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One fan tweeted: "#emmerdale had me in tears tonight liv babe you deserve better- what an awful thing to do x"

Another added: "Who else fell heartbroken for Liv on @emmerdale tonight? How brilliant was @Isobel_steele? #sobbing"

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