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Sworn enemies in Emmerdale to embark on a torrid affair?

It's a fine line between love and hate

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Graham Foster and Moira Barton could be about to have one of THE most explosive affairs in soap history, if fan theories are to be believed.

The pair have been in some dramatic scenes of late, with Graham off the rails on booze and Moira in Mother Bear mode trying to protect her husband Cain Dingle.

They DO look good together… (Credit: ITV)

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Fans have detected that the pair – both secretive, both dark and brooding, and both secret murderers – are actually surprisingly similar.

Some even sense an “atomic bomb” of sexual chemistry between the couple… But could it boil over into a fling?

Viewers recently saw Cain confess everything about Joe Tate’s death to his wife, who has vowed to stand by him and support him. After all, he did the same for her when she killed Emma Barton.

Emmerdale Cain, Graham and Joe
Cain thinks he killed Joe Tate, but Graham finished him off (Credit: ITV)

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However, there’s a pesky fly in the ointment in the shape of Graham – who has totally unravelled since the death of his surrogate son Joe (who he actually killed, but obviously it’s complicated).

Graham knows too much and is threatening to blurt out the truth to Debbie, who would disown her dad if she knew he was in any way involved in Joe’s disappearance.

With tensions rising, some fans predict Moira and Graham will be drawn together as they both grapple with their respective secrets.


One fan said: “Graham and Moira have chemistry, can see it happening in the future.”

Another predicts: “Listen to me well my friends, Moira and Graham had, onscreen, last night, more chemistry than the scenes with Moira and Cain. There’s a shift taking place, it’s on the back burner, simmering, like a good pot of stew.”

A third said: “Moira and Graham wow! Talk about chemistry……atomic bomb more like.”

“I’d like Moira to get with Graham down the line,” added another. “When they were onscreen together the chemistry was electric!! I’m honestly tired of Cain the thug.”

Graham’s in a right state (Credit: ITV)

Fans know that Joe disappeared on the day he was set to wed Cain’s daughter Debbie, after being warned by Graham that Kim Tate wanted him dead.

However, Joe decided to risk it all for love and returned to tell Debbie the truth and that he loved her – but Cain punched him in a fit of anger leaving him unconscious on the floor after he hit his head on a rock during the fall.

While Cain believes he murdered Joe, it was actually Graham who finished the job off himself.

Will Moira ever learn the real truth? And, if so, will it be via pillow talk with brooding Graham?

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