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Emmerdale SPOILERS: Arthur confesses to hurting Archie

Laurel's bad news prompts a confession

There’s shock heading for Emmerdale’s Laurel Thomas next week when news of Sandy Thomas’s sudden death leads to her son Arthur making a huge confession.

Poor Laurel has had more than her fair share of drama recently, having just found out that boyfriend Jai Sharma was back on drugs and was keeping it a secret from her.

Laurel’s about to hear a shocking confession from her son (Credit: ITV)

But things are only set to get worse for her next week when she gets a shocking phone call to tell her that Sandy has sadly died.

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The news that late husband Ashley’s father has passed away leaves Laurel heartbroken, and she dreads having to tell her kids.

As she prepares herself to break the sad news, Laurel isn’t surprised when Arthur takes the news particularly badly and she is upset when he races out as she tells him his grandad has died.

Laurel is stunned when Arthur admits he is the one who has been hurting Archie (Credit: ITV)

At the graveyard, Jimmy King finds Arthur crying at Ashley’s grave, and the school boy is clearly struggling in the wake of Sandy’s death.

But as Jimmy questions Arthur about what has got him so upset, Arthur keeps his cards close to his chest and just admits that he thinks God is punishing him for something he has done.

However, as Arthur’s cryptic comment leaves Jimmy confused, Laurel is surprised when her son comes home sobbing and reveals he has got something to tell her.

Laurel is stunned into silence as Arthur admits that he is the one who has been hurting Archie and letting Jimmy take the blame.

Will Laurel tell Jai the truth about Arthur? (Credit: ITV)

Shell-shocked, Laurel tries to process the news… but will she admit to everyone else that her son can be so cruel?

Before long Jimmy gets a text from Laurel asking him to come over… bemused, he wonders what she and Arthur might want to talk about, and he heads over to Mulberry get some answers.

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But as Jimmy arrives, Jai also makes a surprise comeback, having got out of rehab early. Will they tell Jai the truth about what has been happening to his son?

Emmerdale fans know Arthur has been bullying Archie for months (Credit: ITV)

And if he does work out what Arthur has been up to, could this be enough to push him back to taking drugs again?

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7pm on ITV, with an extra episode at 8pm on Thursdays.

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