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Saturday 14th December 2019

Emmerdale SPOILER: Bad news about missing Amelia

Dan is distraught

With Amelia Spencer still missing, Dan and Kerry are frantic with worry and desperate for news from the police investigation.

Amelia's been missing since she discovered that Dan wasn't her real dad - and instead her Uncle Daz was the man who's her biological father.

Amelia was devastated when she accidentally recorded Dan and Kerry discussing their big secret (Credit: ITV)

Since then, there's been no sign of the sweet-natured schoolgirl, and her family are in despair.

DS Benton tells Kerry and Dan things could be more serious than they thought (Credit: ITV)

Dan's already frustrated with how slowly things are moving, but he's tearing his hair out when DS Benton admits they have no leads.

And things take a turn for the worse when the cop adds that perhaps things are more serious than they first thought.

Daz panics when DS Benton asks him to head to the police station because he wants to talk.

Daz panics when DS Benton asks him to head to the police station because he wants to talk.

Why do the police want to talk to Daz? (Credit: ITV)

Its clear there's been a development in the case - but could the cops think Daz is involved in Amelia's disappearance?

And what's more - are they right to be suspicious?!

Benton has some questions for Daz (Credit: ITV)

Meanwhile, DS Benton has something to ask Dan and Kerry, too.

He asks them to make a televised appeal to help the police track Amelia down.

Dan and Kerry make an appeal for information about Amelia (Credit: ITV)

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They quickly agree to do whatever they can. But will it help? And what's Daz hiding?

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