Emmerdale SPOILER: Sarah gets a donor

It's a bittersweet week for the Dingles - especially Sarah

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It could be a life changing week for young Sarah Sugden when the hospital find a heart donor for her.

As the week kicks off, Debbie meets Dom a friend Sarah has made on the ward.

Debbie meets Dom, Sarah’s friend from the ward (Credit: ITV)

But later everyone is shocked when Dom suddenly collapses.

The next day a heartbroken Sarah lashes out at Debbie and leaves her shocked.

Distraught, Debbie confides in Joe about Dom, but the whole thing has only made her fears about Sarah worse.

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Later she begins to panic when the cardiologist asks to speak to her in private.

Debbie has mixed emotions when she’s told they’ve found a donor heart for Sarah.

Although she’s delighted at the lifeline being handed to her daughter, she’s also aware that Sarah now faces an operation that could kill her.

Dom collapses in the hospital (Credit: ITV)

The cardiologist goes through the formalities with Debbie but she’s clearly struggling with her fears.

Will everything go to plan?

The news comes after Debbie was told earlier this month that her daughter was going to die.

Sarah contracted a virus and Debbie was told that she wouldn’t be able to have a transplant as her heart was failing.

The doctor told her: “”Her condition has deteriorated significantly I’m afraid.

“Our priority now is getting her a new heart and moving her onto the urgent list.”

He added: “I’m so sorry. I know it’s devastating news.

Dom’s collapse reminds Debbie how desperate Sarah’s condition is (Credit:ITV)

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“I’m very sorry but we can’t proceed with the transplant until he virus is out of her system, so that means not moving her onto the urgent list just yet.”

And even as Debbie and Joe Tate begged him to put her on the list, he couldn’t and explained that the virus made her too weak to cope with the operation.

He said: “She’s weak and her immune system has already been compromised with the amount of treatment she’s had.

“She has to be strong enough to withstand the operation and the recovery.”

Will Sarah make it through? (Credit: ITV)

This meant that Debbie was facing the very real prospect of her daughter dying at such a young age.

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