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Monday 20th January 2020

Emmerdale SPOILER: Robert heartbroken as Aaron moves on

That rumoured reunion seems further away than ever

Things are getting serious between Emmerdale's Aaron Dingle and his new squeeze Alex and next week he asks the handsome doctor to move in.

But, wait! What about that long-awaited Robron reunion we've been promised?! That seemed so close?! Does that mean it's not happening?

Robert sees Alex moving his stuff in (Credit: ITV)

It certainly looks pretty far away as Alex moves his stuff into Mill Cottage. Robert spots what's going on, and is filled with jealousy as he realises his ex is moving on - on their 'wedding anniversary'.

Eager to distract himself, Robert hits the town - heading to a gay bar in order to forget Aaron once and for all.

Robert isn't happy to see that Aaron has moved on (Credit: ITV)

Robert is filled with jealousy as he realises his ex is moving on - on their 'wedding anniversary'.

But when Aaron hears that Robert's out, he's uneasy.

So Victoria - sensing her former brother-in-law still has feelings for Robert - invites Aaron to tag along with her on a big girls' night out.

As Aaron arrives at the bar, he's surprised to bump onto Alex and quickly makes up an excuse as to why he's there.

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Meanwhile Bernice and Victoria rush Robert on to the dance floor before he spots his ex. #awks!

There are some steamy looks across the dancefloor between Robron (Credit: ITV)

Alex sees his new neighbours dancing and suggests to Aaron that they hit the dancefloor.

But awkwardly, Aaron admits he nearly cheated on him with Robert - and breaks up with him.

Sorry, Alex - it's not meant to be (Credit: ITV)

Upset, Alex leaves the bar and Aaron heads over to talk to Robert.

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Will Robert listen to what Aaron has to say? And is this FINALLY the Robron reunion we've been waiting for?

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