Emmerdale’s Robron – a timeline of their love

And all - well, nearly all - is well in soapworld again

What a time to be alive – the days are getting longer, summer is getting closer and Robert Sugden and Aaron Dingle are reuniting.

The first snog! (Credit: ITV)

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To celebrate this happiest of occasions in style, we thought we’d give everyone an in-a-nutshell-reminder of how Robron came to be.

(This is a highly compressed version of events or we’d be writing into the night!)

Tissues at the ready, lads.

2014 – A newly returned Robert catches Aaron and Ross Barton trying to steal his car

‘Just found it parked here mate, nothing to do with us’ – the line that set the Robron ship sailing

2014 – Aaron helps Robert get Chrissie’s stolen ring back

Scheming Robert enlists Aaron and Ross to raid Home Farm and Chrissie White’s mother’s wedding ring is stolen. Robert feels guilty and Aaron helps get the ring back from Ross

Happy families with Liv (Credit: ITV)

Robert discovers Aaron is gay

2014 – The Breakdown

Sneaky Robert stages a breakdown to get Aaron alone. They end up kissing passionately

2014 – Katie catches them kissing on Robert’s wedding day to Chrissie

After a tip-off from Aaron who wants the affair out in the open, Katie Sugden catches them kissing at Wylie’s Farm and snaps it on her phone

She and Robert fight over the pic and he pushes her over, causing the floor to cave in and killing her

2015 – Robert is shot

He spends a month in a coma and Aaron is arrested

Robert eventually comes round and doesn’t believe Aaron shot him

Ross is unmasked as the shooter, pulling the trigger on behalf of Andy Sugden who blames Robert for Katie’s death

2016 – Aaron confesses to Robert about Gordon abusing him

Aaron nearly dies after a self-harm wound becomes infected

Robert wants to know why he is hurting himself

So much love and angst (Credit: ITV)

Aaron eventually confesses it’s because his dad Gordon raped him as a child

2016 – Robert is a witness at Gordon’s trial

He confesses his feelings for Aaron to the court

Gordon gets sentenced to 18 years in prison

2016 – Robert burns a letter from Gordon

Aaron soon finds out his father committed suicide in prison and blames Robert for not giving him the letter

Soulmates (Credit: ITV)

He calls Robert controlling and tells him to stay away

2016 – They move in together

After a few false starts and some help from Liv, they eventually move in together

2016 – Robert asks Paddy for his blessing

He wants to commit to Aaron, Paddy isn’t keen but says yes

2016 – Robert wants to propose

Having accepted his bi-sexuality and wanting to be with Aaron, Robert prepares to pop the question

Happy ever after? (Credit: ITV)

They have a heated row while in the car and it swerves off the road into a water-filled quarry

Robert saves Aaron from the submerged car

2016 – Robert proposes to Aaron in hospital

Aaron accepts

2017 – They marry

Wedding bells (Credit: ITV)

Aaron is due to go to jail and Robert arranges a wedding before he does to prove he’s committed

The police raid the wedding looking for Faith Dingle

Robert and Aaron say their vows in the garage, in private

2017 – Robert sleep with Rebecca White

Aaron starts taking drugs in prison

Robert can’t handle the situation and gets drunk

Robert Rebecca sex drunk
Where it all went wrong (Credit: ITV)

He has sex with Rebecca

Aaron’s appeal against his prison sentence is successful and he is released

Robert learns Rebecca is pregnant

Robron move into the Mill and Robert confesses everything to Aaron

2017 – Aaron hands back his wedding ring

He tells Robert the baby will always be a reminder of what he has done

Is it over? (Credit: ITV)

Aaron leaves the village

2017 – Robert decides to get revenge on the Whites

He changes his mind after Rebecca gives birth to a baby she calls Sebastian

2018 – The Whites are in a fatal crash

Chrissie and Lawrence are killed and Rebecca is left in a coma

Aaron – now dating Dr Alex – helps Robert look after Seb

Almost there! (Credit: ITV)

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2018 – They almost kiss on Valentine’s Day

It’s only a matter of time before they reunite now!

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