FIRST LOOK: Next week’s Emmerdale in 10 pics

Kim Tate's back in Emmerdale but no one seems very pleased to see her

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Joe’s got a surprise for Debbie, Ross is out for revenge, Kim Tate’s back with a bang (and a crash).

Monday 8 October

Debbie is surprised when Joe takes her to the hospital chapel and announces that they are getting married today.

Graham meets a newly released Kim Tate outside prison but he’s sickened when she tells him he needs to get rid of Joe.

Tuesday 9 October

Graham shows Joe a bag containing £100,000 and tells him he needs to leave – as soon as possible.

Ross is planning to take revenge on Simon but he’s stunned when Moira confronts him and tries to talk him out of his plan.

At the hospital, Debbie is ready for her last-minute wedding. But Joe doesn’t show up, and when she tries to contact him she can’t track him down.

Wednesday 10 October

Ross puts his plan to kill Simon into action but Moira’s not going to give up without a fight.

Everyone is shocked when a sports car pulls up at the masquerade ball at Home Farm, and Kim Tate steps out. Kim declares herself to be the rightful owner of Home Farm – much to the guests horror and surprise.

Thursday 11 October

As the party continues, Kim heads upstairs. Suddenly there’s a scream and she falls, crashing into a champagne fountain below. Was she pushed?

It’s not looking good for Kim Tate as she lies on the Home Farm floor after plummeting down the stairs in dramatic fashion.

Friday 12 October

The shocked party guests are told to stay put by the police as they try to get to the bottom of what happened to Kim.

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