Kim vows to murder Andrea

Emmerdale SPOILERS: Kim ‘vows to kill Andrea’ as truth about Graham’s death exposed

More bloodshed in the village?

There could be more bloodshed in Emmerdale in the coming months, if Kim Tate has anything to do with it.

The villainous businesswoman is currently grieving for her former lover Graham Foster, even though she ordered a hit on his life (yes, it’s complicated).

Emmerdale's Kim Tate disgusts viewers with insult about Graham's dead son
Kim proved she had a heart by falling in love with Graham (Credit: ITV)

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Viewers know that Kim told new henchman Al Chapman to kill Graham as revenge for humiliating her, but Al didn’t need to do the deed as Graham was already dead when he found him.

Kim tells her that she won’t struggle in having Andrea murdered.

Kim doesn’t know that, however, which leaves another delicious secret to be discovered in future scenes.

We now know that Graham was actually killed off by Rhona Goskirk’s ex-husband Pierce Harris, who dreams of a reunion with her.

Lots of people wanted Graham dead, but only one man succeeded (Credit: ITV)

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In upcoming scenes, Kim’s daughter-in-law Andrea Tate will discover that Kim ordered Graham’s murder.

And, according to The Sun, when she confronts her about it, Kim does what she does best – threatens her.

A source told the newspaper: “Andrea’s going to be shocked when she discovers Kim ordered Graham’s murder – but not surprised.”

Andrea is not a big fan of her MIL (Credit: ITV)

They continued: “She always knew Kim had a dark side, but murder is something else entirely.

“They talk about what has happened and Kim admits she struggled with her decision to have Graham murdered, but just as Andrea thinks Kim is softening she has another thing coming.

“Kim tells her that she won’t struggle in having Andrea murdered – and she’ll make sure she enjoys it.”

Of course, viewers know there’s no love lost between Andrea and Kim… But will the Home Farm owner really have the mother of her grandchild killed off?

Not exactly happy families (Credit: ITV)

Andrea isn’t the only Emmerdale resident who has grown to suspect Kim for Graham’s murder either.

Ever since Graham’s corpse was found, his bereaved girlfriend Rhona has grown convinced Kim’s to blame.

Meanwhile, the real killer Pierce has (so far) successfully framed Marlon Dingle for the murder and poor Marlon remains in jail.

The Sun also revealed that Andrea will fight back against Kim’s threats and decide to install secret cameras at Home Farm.

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