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Friday 28th February 2020

Emmerdale's Jeff Hordley explains why Cain and Moira won't be reuniting anytime soon

He can't forgive her

Jeff Hordley, who plays Emmerdale's, Cain Dingle, has explained why Cain won't be reuniting with estranged wife, Moira, who is played by Natalie J Robb, anytime in the near future.

In next week's episodes, fans will find out that Moira has signed the divorce papers after husband Cain learnt of her affair with Nate Robinson, his long-lost son.

Cain wants Moira to sign the divorce papers (Credit ITV)

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Discussing his feelings about Moira's relationship with Nate, Hordley said: "I think Cain is putting on a brave face."

He continued: "He can't forgive Moira for her betrayal, and it's the double-edged sword that Nate turned out to be his son.

"Cain is hurt more than ever before and I think he is putting on a mask. We all wear masks every day in life."

 Cain is hurt more than ever before and I think he is putting on a mask.

Cain will shoot someone while protecting Moira (Credit ITV)

When he was asked if he could picture Cain and Moira getting back together, Hordley said: "I can't see it happening in the near future."

Although the two are not set to reunite any time soon, next week fans will see Cain go out of his way to help protect Moira and her farm when she is targeted by rustlers.

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Going on to explain why Cain feels he has to step up and help Moira, Hordley said: "I think anything to do with where his boys are, Cain feels protective. The boys are up at the farm sometimes, so Cain is there to protect his boys."

Hordley also went on to share that the situation with the rustlers would create a "definite change" for his character and his estranged wife, however, added he could not share anything more.

Cain and Moira try to protect themselves (Credit ITV)

Hordley said: "I think people understand why Cain can't go back to Moira because it's too raw, especially the fact Nate is his son as well."

He continued: "There are so many emotions in his head, Cain wants Moira to be out of his life, but knows that she can't be because they have children together."

"But from what I can gather when I'm speaking to people on the street, they want Cain and Moira back together."

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