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Friday 13th December 2019

FIRST LOOK: Next week's Emmerdale in 10 pictures

How can Liam explain this one?

Max gets revenge, Dawn meets Lucas, and Bernice makes a shocking discovery in next week's Emmerdale.

Billy tips off the police

Max runs through his plan to rob a van and warns Billy not to mess things up.

After Billy and Woody get the go ahead text from Max, the police, having been tipped off by Billy, intercept before they can rob the van.

Billy is angry and let down when DS Sanders can't guarantee Max doesn't know what Billy did.

Little does he know, Max is already at Tall trees...

Max gets his revenge

A vengeful Max is at tall trees waiting upstairs. When Marlon, Jessie and April return early from the village football match, Max appears.

He dangerously flashes a gun and orders Jessie to call Billy, which goes to voicemail.

Billy eventually picks up the message and rushes home with Ellis in tow.

Billy darts inside and faces Max who points the gun straight at him.

There's a furious tussle and before long a gunshot reverberates around the village, leaving someone fighting for their life.

Has Max got the ultimate revenge on Billy? Or has someone else paid the price for Billy's cooperation with the police?

Dawn meets her son

A smartly dressed Dawn, ready to meet Lucas, is put on edge when Harriet broaches the subject of Will.

As the social worker introduces an anxious Dawn to Lucas, she is so transfixed by him, she doesn't mind that he initially ignores her.

But as he continues to do so, Dawn leaves, humiliated, despite the social worker's reassurances.

When Dawn arrives at the factory she's angered to see Jai and Laurel wrapped round each other.

Dawn accuses Harriet of sleeping with Will

At Woodbine, Harriet invites Will in, asking him to help her wash up, but there's unfinished business hanging in the air.

Back at the factory, as Laurel explains Jai was never with Harriet, her suspicions are confirmed and she heads to Woodbine.

She accuses Harriet of sleeping with Will. How will she react when he steps back into the room?

Romance for Laurel and Jai?

At the factory, Rishi interrupts Laurel and Jai as they're about to kiss. They're relieved to have avoided a close call.

Rishi puts the break on Jai and Laurel's dinner plans. He insists Jai has to replace Billy as a driver.

Keen to find some time alone, Jai sends the workers on a long lunch. When Dawn arrives back unexpectedly, though, she catches him and Laurel.

Will she out them? Where will their relationship go from here now their secret has been discovered?

Bernice makes a shocking discovery

Bernice 'accidentally' spills the contents of Liam's bags. She is shocked by what she finds.

As she pulls out a black balaclava, her and Nicola are unnerved.

Bernice is curious as to why Liam has a balaclava in his bag. She decides she needs to confront him.

At Brook cottage, Bernice confronts Liam about the balaclava. Why does he have it?

The villagers team up

A village football match sees the villagers competitiveness put to the test, especially when Doug and jimmy hear the opposition manager is Chris Kamara.

With Bear managing the village team, Paddy is eager to impress him.

Emmerdale airs Monday to Friday at 7pm with an extra episode on Thursday at 8pm

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