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Wednesday 19th February 2020

FIRST LOOK: Next week’s Emmerdale in 10 pictures

A shock death rocks the village...

There's drama in Emmerdale next week when Moira and Nate's affair is exposed, Kerry is left fighting for her life after Tracy works out the truth about the fire, and a sudden death rocks the village.

Moira and Nate caught out! 

Moira is alarmed when she sees Nate and Cain getting on well as they share a beer together.

But while Nate enjoys messing with Cain, Moira isn't impressed with his games and couldn't feel more awkward.

Nate invites Moira for a night together at a hotel and she lies to Cain that she's going to a cattle auction.

The pair leave the village separately to avoid being caught out, but there's trouble when Moira forgets her phone.

Pete finds the phone and sees a message from Nate about their night of passion.

He goes to find Nate in his caravan, but when he realises he isn't there, Pete puts two and two together and works out they're having an affair.

Moira and Nate's moment of passion is ruined when Pete realises where the forbidden pair really are and calls Nate to tell him he knows what is going on.

Will Pete tell Cain?

Tracy gets revenge on Kerry! 

Tracy lines up an interview with the Hotten Courier and Kerry struggles as the journalist interviews her. But little does she know her big secret is about to be exposed.

After finding Frank's keyring in a bin, Kerry puts it in her bag. But when it falls out and Tracy finds it, she has got some explaining to do.

Later a suspicious Tracy searches Kerry's room and finds some one-way tickets along with two passports.

Tracy demands to know what is going on and eventually Kerry admits she started the fire that killed Frank, but she keeps Amy's involvement out of it, desperate to protect her daughter.

Determined to stop Tracy going to the police, Amy and Kerry lock her in the house. But Tracy finds a way out and makes a run for it.

But when Kerry runs after Tracy she falls and hits her head hard.

Tracy is horrified when she looks back and sees Amy standing over her mum's unresponsive body.

Has Tracy just inadvertently killed Kerry?

A death rocks the Sharmas

David's not feeling well but Rishi brushes off his claims that it was the chocolate samples that have made him sick.

But when Manpreet's patient Derek also becomes unwell, it seems Rishi's chocolates might be to blame after all.

The village is left in shock when Derek suddenly dies from salmonella poisoning, and there's trouble heading for the Sharma family when Rishi gets a a call from environmental health.

But while they're panicking, Manpreet makes a discovery that could change everything. What has she found?

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7pm on ITV, with an extra episode at 8pm on Thursdays.

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