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Tuesday 28th January 2020

FIRST LOOK: Next week’s Emmerdale in 10 pictures

Mandy's bringing drama to the Dales...

Next week sees a death bring drama to Emmerdale, while Mandy causes trouble for the Dingles and Charity struggles to look after teenage tearaway Sarah...

Sarah acts up

Sarah tries to show off in front of her new school friend, Danny.

Vanessa isn't happy when she catches Sarah hanging out with Danny instead of doing her school work and realises that the teen is acting up.

Charity sees red and tells Sarah off in front of her new friend... leaving the teenager mortified.

Sarah is horrified that Charity has embarrassed her in front of Danny, and Vanessa comes up with a plan to put things right between the school friends.

But while Vanessa is planning a surprise for Sarah, Charity is more worried about her granddaughter's rebellious behaviour and reminds her that she is grounded.

But as the pair have a heart to heart, Sarah's outlook leaves Charity concerned. Will Charity be able to find a way to get through to Sarah?

It's war between Mandy and Aaron 

Mandy and Vinny are up to no good as they search for a bag at Butler's barn.

It's not long before Chas rumbles the pair and discovers the their bag is stuffed full of cash and casino chips. But where did the pair get their hands on money like that before arriving in the village?

Robert is bemused when Aaron offers to help Mandy cash in her casino chips...

But Aaron isn't helping out of the goodness of his heart and wants revenge on Mandy for trying to trick the Dingles.

Aaron decides to teach Mandy a lesson for causing trouble for the family and 'accidentally' drops the money into a nearby burning barrel...

But is all as it seems?

Mandy and Vinny are horrified as they watch their cash go up in smoke.

But what is Aaron up to, and who has Mandy got herself into trouble with?

Manpreet introduces an acquaintance 

Manpreet bumps into Derek, a regular patient at the surgery where she works...

Rishi hands out samples of chocolates as he tests his new business venture.

Jai's son arrives in the village 

Jai is stunned when Dan arrives with with estranged son Archie... and the news that Archie's mum Rachel has died.

Jai is determined to bond with his estranged son, but as he struggles to get through to him, it seems he might have a big job on his hands.

Will Jai manage to make up for lost time with the son who hardly knows him?

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7pm on ITV, with an extra episode at 8pm on Thursdays.

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