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Monday 20th January 2020

FIRST LOOK: Next week’s Emmerdale in 10 pictures

Tracy isn't coping...

There's drama in Emmerdale when Tracy lashes out at Dawn before taking her hostage, Moira starts to doubt her affair with Nate, and Doug is caught with drugs!

Hostage drama for Tracy 

It's Tracy's birthday, but she isn't interested in celebrating. Instead she's still determined to get to the bottom of who started the factory fire that killed her dad.

After hearing a conversation between Dawn and Will, Tracy is convinced that Dawn knows more about the blaze than she is letting on.

Tracy takes Dawn hostage in the church, determined to get her to confess to a crime that she didn't commit.

But little does Tracy know she's got the wrong person. Maybe she should start looking a little closer to home...

Meanwhile Vanessa wants to make her sister's birthday a happy one and organises a party, oblivious to the fact Tracy is busy attacking innocent Dawn!

Vanessa makes a birthday tea for Tracy, but it doesn't go well when Tracy arrives home a broken woman.

Vanessa collects Frank's ashes, but after her disastrous hostage situation with Dawn, Tracy is starting to wonder if her dad was guilty after all.

Tracy doesn't want anything to do with her dad's ashes and won't discuss where to scatter them. Can Vanessa change her mind?

Rishi comes up with a plan

Rishi comes up with a master plan to rebuild his business empire from scratch.

Will it be a success?

Billy warns Marlon against Al

Marlon is stunned when he realises Jessie has an interview for a head teacher job over in Dubai.

Billy knows that his mum is falling for Al's charm and warns Marlon not to let Jessie's ex win her heart.

Little do Billy and Marlon know, Al and Jessie are sharing a forbidden kiss.

But it's not just one kiss... as the pair reminisce about old times, they share another 'moment'.

But as Jessie and Al are kissing, Mandy Dingle returns to Emmerdale and catches them at it.

Will she tell Marlon what she has seen, and could this be the beginning of the end for Marlon and Jessie's marriage?

Doug  feels guilty as Charity ups her campaign against drugs... only to later be caught by Pollard as he has a sneaky smoke.

Will Pollard report him for having drugs or find another way to deal with the issue?

Moira's having second thoughts 

As Moira and Nate struggle to find time to be alone together, Moira starts to question her affair with the farmhand.

Is she about to call off their fling?

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