FIRST LOOK: Next week’s Emmerdale in 10 pictures

The most devastating of times

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Paddy and Chas face the hardest day of their lives, while Bernice and Liam get caught and Debbie realises her future is doomed…

Monday 22 October 

Bernice and Liam get steamy at the salon, oblivious to the fact Kerry and Jimmy are hiding in the spray tanning tent.

Rhona’s upset when April reveals the real reason Leo’s being left out at school.

Tuesday 23 October 

Kerry confronts Bernice, but will she tell Daz?

Leyla’s shocked when a mysterious woman arrives and accuses her of stealing.

Wednesday 24 October 

Clive arrives and begs Leyla for another chance – will she agree?

Thursday 25th October 

Chas and Paddy struggle as the day of Grace’s funeral arrives.

The grieving parents are overwhelmed with the number of people who come to say goodbye to their daughter.

Lydia opens up to Sam, revealing the real reason she couldn’t go to Grace’s funeral.

Ross asks Rebecca to leave the village with him, but will she agree?

Friday 26th October 

Debbie’s thrilled to get bail, but her world’s shattered when her solicitor reveals she could get five years in jail.

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