FIRST LOOK: Next week’s Emmerdale in 10 pictures

Nate and Moira are rumbled

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There’s trouble for Nate and Moira as Kerry uncovers their affair, Robert goes to court, and Tracy fights to prove Frank’s innocence in next week’s Emmerdale.

Kerry uncovers Moira and Nate’s affair 

Since Amy’s confession to Nate that they started the factory fire, and not Frank, Kerry is convinced that Nate won’t keep their secret.

So when Amy sees Nate and Tracy chatting in the cafe, she is convinced that Nate is betraying her and telling Tracy the truth about the fire.

Amy confronts Nate about his actions and he is hurt that she clearly doesn’t trust him.

Amy feels guilty when Nate tells her he was actually covering for her and the pair end up arguing, leading to Nate storming out.

Kerry is annoyed with Nate for upsetting Amy yet again and goes to confront him at his caravan.

But once she arrives at the farm, Kerry is stunned to discover Nate is locked inside with another woman…

Kerry is stunned to see it is Moira that Nate is getting steamy with… but will she let the pair know they have been rumbled?

And will Kerry tell Amy and Cain what she has discovered, or use her new-found information to her own advantage?

Andrea hunts for a new job

Leyla is left wondering what she has let herself in for after interviewing a very enthusiastic Andrea for a job.

Robert goes to court

Aaron tries to treasure Robert as he reads through his case, but Robert is irritable, knowing his whole future hangs in the balance.

Robert has a meeting with his solicitor and is stunned when he’s told he should plead guilty in court. Robert is adamant that he will do no such thing, but is he making a mistake?

Victoria is struggling with the fact she has lied to the police and will have to tell the court that Robert was acting in self defence against Lee, when in reality she knows that’s not true.

Victoria tells a stunned Marlon that she has been covering for her brother, and she is convinced that lying in court will make her as bad as Lee.

As the day of Robert’s court case arrives everyone is a bundle of nerves. But with his whole case hanging on Victoria’s testimony, will Victoria lie under oath for her brother?

Jacob struggles 

Jacob is pining over Maya, leaving both Leyla and David at a loss over how to stop him wasting time waiting for her.

Can they make him see that it is time to move on?

Tracy makes progress

Tracy is still determined to prove that her dad didn’t start the factory fire and is thrilled when she finds a new piece of evidence.

Convinced that can now finally prove that Frank didn’t start the factory fire, Tracy does some digging. But what will she uncover?

Dawn gets a date 

Harriet encourages Dawn to ask Billy out on a date, and eventually a nervous Dawn goes through with it.

She is elated when Billy agrees to go on a date with her and they have lunch together at the cafe. Is this the start of a new romance?

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