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Sunday 15th December 2019

FIRST LOOK: Next week's Emmerdale in 10 pictures

Victoria is hell bent on leaving the village

David and Jacob start to get on, Moira puts Amy off Nate, and Lee's mum wants to be part of the baby's life in next week's Emmerdale.

Jacob is on to David

A knowing Jacob lures Leyla and David to the cafe when he baits them with a message to their fake account. Soon David is forced to confess that he is behind the account.

Jacob feels betrayed, but when Pollard steps in to help resolve the situation he gets breathless, leaving them panicked.

Jacob and David are getting on

The next day, David and Jacob resolve to keep Pollard stress free and David is encouraged by Jacob's loyalty.

Leyla is shocked to see them getting on.

Slowly she forms a plan. What is she thinking?

Kerry feels rejected

Kerry convinces Amy to have a girlie afternoon with her and Tracy.

Amy and Tracy spend most of their time making barbed comments about Nate to one another.

Eventually Amy and Tracy ditch Kerry who feels rejected by Amy. She heads to the Woolpack.

Kerry is soon intrigued after a chat with Dan leads her to think he still fancies her.

Later Kerry gets dolled up and heads to the pub where she starts to cause trouble.

A horrified Amy is soon there to witness her mum's behaviour. Amy and Kerry's relationship is seemingly in tatters.

Moira puts Amy off Nate

Moira hears Amy and Nate are arranging a date. She warns Amy off him.

Amy cancels on him and Moira is quietly satisfied. Amy later confides in Nate about Moira warning her off him.

Nate is furious when Amy tells him the truth. He wonders why Moira would do that to him.

Nate has his suspicions, but is he right about his hunch?

Victoria is determined to leave

Victoria is adamant she wants to leave the village. She and Diane prepare her house for an estate agent viewing.

Soon Lee's mother, Wendy, turns up. Robert distracts the estate agent whilst Victoria and Diane steer Wendy away.

Wendy is adamant about being part of the baby's life. Wendy tells them Lee may go for custody.

Diane comforts a terrified Victoria. Robert's frustrated as Victoria is now even more determined to leave.

Diane is desperate to help and asks Pollard if he will buy her out of the B&B for Victoria's sake. Will he make her an offer?

Robert stalks Lee

Robert stalks Lee at his house. What is he planning?

Emmerdale is on Monday to Friday at 7pm with an extra episode at 8pm on Thursday on ITV.

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