FIRST LOOK: Next week’s Emmerdale in 10 pictures

The hunt in Ireland is on

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Jacob’s jealous, Aaron’s keeping secrets from Robert, and the hunt is on in Ireland in next week’s Emmerdale…

Monday March 4

Maya sets off for the hotel for her night away with David. Jacob is seething with jealousy and is soon struck by an idea to sabotage their evening.

Scheming Jacob thwarts David’s plan to leave on time. Maya’s fuming and tells David not to bother coming.

Will Maya and Jacob spend the night together instead?

Tuesday March 5

Megan confides in Leyla about Graham, but when he visits with a peace offering, she throws the romantic weekend back in his face, leaving him crushed.

Leyla points out what a big gesture it was and Megan’s left with food for thought.

After attending a surrogacy meeting alone, Aaron meets with potential surrogate, Lucie.

He is determined to persuade her to be a surrogate for him and Robert, but he doesn’t tell Robert about his plan.

Wednesday March 6

Paddy joins Marlon and Jessie on their honeymoon to Ireland to find his dad.

Kerry has also asked to tag along and an awkward Jessie agrees, but why is Kerry going?

Thursday March 7

Kerry reluctantly tells Jessie why she’s come to Belfast. She reveals she’s there to find her daughter, Amy.

Paddy searches for his dad in a pub, but the crowd think he’s a wrestler and he’s thrown into the ring. Bear Wolf saves the day.

Bear Wolf follows Paddy when he runs out. Bear’s shocked to be presented with evidence Paddy is his son.

Ellis and Billy are at loggerheads again. This time it’s over Tracy when one of them kisses her.

Friday March 8

Chas visits Grace’s grave. She and Laurel bond when Chas reveals some secret news.

Moira feels she’s being watched at the farm, and she’s right when she stumbles across an intruder. She calls the hooded figure’s bluff with threats of a shotgun, but who is it?

Charity is mid-rant with a drunk Vanessa when she’s interrupted by a phone call. The call knocks her for six.

Emmerdale airs Monday to Friday at 7pm with an extra episode on Thursday at 8pm.

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