FIRST LOOK: Next week’s Emmerdale in 10 pictures

Belle thinks her ex-boyfriend is up to his old tricks...

A blast from the past arrives in the village, something strange is happening at Wishing Well cottage and Vanessa is left fighting for her life.

Monday January 7th

Marlon is left disappointed when his daughter April reveals she’s not attending the official wedding.

When Marlon and Jessie struggle to find a second witness for the ceremony, they manage to coerce Jimmy into joining.

As the ceremony is getting underway they are interrupted by the arrival of Mandy Dingle.

While she replaces Jimmy as witness, Paddy becomes uncomfortable at her presence.

An emotional Chas leaves a message on Paddy’s phone and sets out to find him. All hell breaks loose and she snaps at Mandy.

The pair make up when Mandy learns of Chas’ recent heartache over baby Grace, but what will the family make of Mandy’s 16 year old son?

Tuesday January 8th

A package of dead flowers arrives for Belle leaving everyone unsettled.

She’s convinced all the strange happenings are the doing of her ex Lachlan, however, no one believes her.

Later Lydia receives a frantic phone call from Sam. When they arrive back at the cottage, they see he’s covered in blood – Gloria the pig has been killed.

Belle isn’t the only Dingle to receive a surprise present. Debbie is rattled when she receives a package from Joe.

Debbie question Priya who explains the gifts were a surprise set up by Joe leading up to their holiday and that she forgot to cancel them.

Debbie is left confused and worried and goes to the police station to report Joe as a missing person.

Wednesday January 9th

A worked up Belle is determined to see Lachlan, convinced he’s behind everything.

Sam accompanies Belle to the prison where Lachlan shows remorse for his actions. While Sam believes he has genuinely changed, Belle isn’t convinced.

Later Lachlan takes out a hidden mobile phone and calls someone, instructing someone to up the ante in their scheming.

Charity insist to Belle that Lachlan will go down for a long time for his crimes.

Cain and Moira are concerned when they hear Debbie has reported Joe missing to the police.

Debbie accuses Graham of doing something to Joe.

Graham downs a whisky as Cain feels the net closing in on him.

Thursday January 10th

Graham confides in Laurel about his alcoholism who urges him to open up to Megan.

Vanessa is thrown when she returns to The Woolpack to see a hooded figure splashing petrol around the bins.

She confronts the hooded figure who stabs her and she is left fighting for her life.

As he makes a getaway in her car, the perpetrator has no idea that Johnny is strapped into the back seat.

He drives off as the flames and smoke billow from the back of the pub.

Meanwhile Liam comes up with a plan that could benefit everyone as Bernice worries about her living arrangements…

Friday January 11th

Maya offers to give Jacob some private tuition and David is none the wiser to what’s really going on.

Jacob praises Maya for her idea.

Emmerdale is on Monday to Friday at 7pm with an extra episode at 8pm on Thursday on ITV.

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