FIRST LOOK: Next week’s Emmerdale in 10 dramatic pics

There's courtroom drama heading for the Dales

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Charity takes to the stand in Bails’ court case, Robert hits rock bottom and Graham’s causing trouble for Joe…


Ryan is worried when he realises how terrified Charity is that Bails is going to be found not guilty.

He confronts his dad and ends up throwing a plank of wood at him, while Bails vows revenge.


Charity takes to the stand, but will she be able to convince the court Bails is guilty?

Marlon is shocked when Jessie tells him they should take things slow because of Ellis.


Cain realises Charity is on a knife’s edge following Bails’ court case.

Robert is fuming to find a shrine set up for Rebecca and instantly trashes it.


Debbie discovers Joe’s got a prenup, but will he convince her it was all Graham’s doing?

Robert’s desperation to find Rebecca leaves him exhausted and he collapses.


Ross throws a party, but it doesn’t go well and Priya and Jimmy leave.

Tracy’s heart breaks for Ross when he reveals his true feelings about Rebecca.

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