FIRST LOOK: A week of heartbreaking Emmerdale in 10 pictures

There's danger heading for Liv...

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Next week’s Emmerdale sees Aaron hit rock bottom, while Liv’s life is in danger, Rhona and Graham decide to leave the village, and Cain turns his back on his family…

Aaron goes missing

Aaron is heartbroken when he discovers Robert has written a letter to Victoria, but not to him.

Realising that Aaron isn’t in a good place, Victoria, Chas and Liv all go and hunt for him.

Little do they know, he has driven to the woods where he has a break down, unable to face anyone or anything.

Liv collapses alone

Liv is desperate to find her missing brother, and she starts to retrace Aaron’s footsteps.

As she spots something while crossing a footbridge, she gets closer to the water to take a look.

But as she reaches into the river, Liv collapses and has a seizure.

Alone and vulnerable, will anyone find Liv before it’s too late?

Rhona and Graham leave the village?

Graham is worried about losing Rhona, who is determined to make her own mind up about the job she’s been offered.

But Rhona starts to soften when Graham reveals he has signed Leo up to a football club.

Eventually Rhona and Graham confess they both love one another – leaving Kim to watch on with rage.

Rhona decides to accept the job so that she and Graham can leave the village together to make a fresh start.

But Kim is up to her old tricks and tells Al that Rhona has accepted Noel’s job offer in Bergerac. Is she about to ruin Graham and Rhona’s happiness once again?

Later Kim surprises everyone by taking the role of the villain in the village pantomime.

The Dingles turn on Cain

After seeing Cain and Nate fighting, Sam warms to Nate and offers him his support.

Later Chas invites Cain to a festive family party that Lydia is hosting… but he’s fuming to find Nate there.

Cain can barely contain his anger, telling the Dingles they can go to hell before storming out.

But things get even worse when Charity invites Nate to dinner as a way of riling Cain.

Dawn has her hopes crushed

Dawn is desperate to see her son, Lucas, over Christmas. But she is heartbroken when she gets a call informing her that she won’t see him any time soon.

Heartbroken, Dawn decides to go for residency of Lucas. Will she be successful this time?

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7pm on ITV, with an extra episode at 8pm on Thursdays.

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