Emmerdale fans fear for Moira after last night’s heartbreaking scenes

Someone help her

New Emmerdale mum, Moira Barton, hit rock bottom last night in heart-breaking scenes as her post-natal depression seemed to intensify.

Moira has been struggling to adjust to motherhood since giving birth to surprise baby, Isaac, in dramatic scenes last month. She didn’t even realise she was preggers until her waters broke while Emma Barton was trying to kill her.

Moira broke down to Adam (Credit: ITV)

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Moira has already tried to abandon the baby at the hospital because she felt it was the best place for him.

In emotional scenes last night she handed the baby over to her son, Adam, and his wife, Victoria, asking them to ‘look after him.’

Moira’s been struggling with the surprise addition to her family, with Isaac’s arrival opening up wounds of losing her daughter, Holly, to a drug overdose last year.

She’s terrified that she’ll lose Isaac too and it’s stopped her from being able to bond with the tot. She confessed that she’s scared he’ll die in his sleep, like Holly.

Moira shocked guests at Isaac’s christening last night when she snapped at the baby for crying and then left, without a word to anyone.

Moira walked out of the christening (Credit: ITV)

Later she burst into a meeting Adam and Victoria were having about adopting a child, handing Isaac over and telling them to be his parents.

Her actions made her family realise just how distressed Moira is and urged her to open up about what was upsetting her so deeply.

She admitted that she feels guilty about Holly’s death – believing she could have helped her more.

Moira broke down, saying: “I sit up all night watching him and listening to him sleep, knowing at any minute he’s going to stop breathing like Holly did.

“I won’t be able to stop it, I should have saved her. I can’t go through that again, please don’t make me go through that again!”

Moira has struggled with motherhood since unexpectedly giving birth (Credit: ITV)

Fans took to Twitter to show their concern for Moira.

One viewer wrote: “Poor Moira I hope she gets the help she needs.”

Another added: “I feel for Moira so much…she needs the family more than ever & that includes Cain X:)”

A third tweeted: “poor moira she needs help it must be so hard for her.”

Other fans jumped in to praise actress Natalie J Robb for her portrayal of the distressed new mum.

One wrote: “Natalie J Robb…Best Actress 2k18…nooo doubt about it”

Another agreed adding: “Give Natalie J Robb all the awards!!”

And a third simply put: “Natalie J Robb is consistently amazing.”

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Emmerdale continues tonight at 7pm on ITV.

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