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Tuesday 19th March 2019

Emmerdale's Thomas Atkinson reveals secret Britain's Got Talent fame!

He appeared in the final back in 2014!

He may be more famous for playing sneering serial killer Lachlan White in Emmerdale, but Thomas Atkinson has revealed he once made the Britain's Got Talent final!

No way!

Appearing on Good Morning Britain on Thursday (9 August), the 19-year-old actor chatted to hosts Kate Garraway and Ben Shephard about his soap role and let slip that he was once on the ITV talent show.

Thomas is actually a pretty good singer, too! (Credit: ITV)

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Making a rare TV appearance as himself, the teenager admitted that he was pretty nervous about going on the morning topic show, as he hadn't done much live TV before.

However, he did reveal that he had a musical background, admitting that he'd once appeared as a backing singer for Bars and Melody.

The young rap duo were Simon Cowell's Golden Buzzer choice - making it straight through to the final after their first audition.

Who knew Thomas was a singer, too!? (Credit: Britain's Got Talent YouTube)

Yeah, I was, in the final. It was weird. I did a little sway.

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Thomas was one of a group of backing singers who supported the main act as they performed Twista feat. Faith Evans's Hopeful, and would have been a baby-faced 14 at the time!

Collabro eventually went on to win with their version of Stars from Les Miserables, while soprano Lucy Kay came second and Bars and Melody took third place.

Thomas revealed: "I was a backing singer on Britain's Got Talent once, when I was younger."

Can you spot Thomas in the background on the left? (Credit: Britain's Got Talent YouTube)

Surprised by the revelation, Kate and Ben asked: "Were you? Bars and Melody, oh yeah."

He added: "Yeah, I was, in the final. It was weird. I did a little sway."

The man who portrays evil serial killer Lachlan seen 'swaying' on live TV! We don't think Lachlan would approve of such frivolities!

Thomas also teased that his character's storyline in Emmerdale is "gonna get darker".

Lachlan is keeping his aunt Rebecca captive in a secret cabin (Credit: ITV)

We can only wonder what's darker than killing your own mum and grandad, your best mate, possibly one random ('fake' Terry), attempting to murder at least another two villagers (Liv and Robert) and kidnapping your own aunt!

He added: "He's going to get a lot darker, which some of the audience might not like but for me it's fun anyway.

"It's going to be quite interesting. It's a bit weird but yeah I think I would [like Lachlan to kill again].

"For me as an actor it's interesting to do, so how can I not want that?"

Will Lachlan get a chance to kill again before he's caught? (Credit: ITV)

The young actor admitted he hasn't experienced any aggro from members of the public for his portrayal of the Dales killer, but did say he's received some unwanted attention from OAPs.

He said: "I have had the odd old lady tap me on the bum. I was walking through the Trafford Centre with my mates and this old lady tapped me on the bum and said, 'You're a naughty boy, aren't you?'"

She's lucky she tapped Thomas and not Lachlan or Rebecca might have some company in that cabin!

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