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Monday 23rd September 2019

Emmerdale's Lisa Dingle: A tribute to one of the ITV soap's most beloved matriarchs

A countdown of her most memorable storylines

Lisa Dingle is undoubtedly one of the greatest ever mother figures in the world of soap. Which is why Emmerdale fans were devastated when she died.

The legendary Dingle matriarch was killed off in scenes this week, when she succumbed to a terminal heart condition.

Lisa recently took down Kim Tate - and that's why we love her (Credit: ITV)

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Lisa returned to the village last month to reveal the heartbreaking news that she was dying, and to say her goodbyes to her family and friends.

Faced with the horrible truth that he was about to lose her forever, Zak Dingle proposed to his on/off ex-wife and fans were in tears as she said yes.

Some viewers predicted she would die during her wedding to love-of-her-life Zak, which aired this week (May 23) - in fact, she passed away in her sleep just moments afterwards.

Lisa is squeezing everything she's got into her final last hours (Credit: ITV)

Famed for her kind and caring nature, Lisa's been a key part of life in the village since 1996.

Even more so, she has been the linchpin that has kept her wayward family together through thick and thin.

Which means everyone in Emmerdale will be affected by her death - none less so than the viewers.

So I know I will shed more than a few tears when it comes to filming her final scenes.

After Jane Cox, who has played Lisa for 23 years, bowed out of the soap for good, ED! looks at the defining moments of Lisa's time in the village.

Belle finds out the horrible news that her mum Lisa is dying (Credit: ITV)

Lisa's rape ordeal

In 2010, Lisa was raped by her colleague at the Sharma Sweet Factory.

Lisa and Derek Benrose became friends and she thought nothing of working late with him one night.

However, when they were alone, Derek turned violent and raped Lisa, grabbing her wrists and pining her down so she couldn't escape.

She sobbed as he snarled: "I know you want this as much as I do."

Although Lisa eventually told the police about the sexual assault, the case against Derek was dropped due to lack of evidence.

Lisa was raped by colleague and so-called friend Derek (Credit: ITV/YouTube)

When Zak cheated and left her for Joanie

Despite originally being engaged to Zak's brother Albert, Lisa's always had eyes for Zak.

They eventually got married and enjoyed many years of happiness until Zak fell for another woman.

Lisa was broken when her husband Zak embarked on an affair with their lodger Joanie Wright.

On Christmas Day 2015, Belle revealed to the family that she had seen Zak and Joanie together...

After Zac was exiled from the family home, he and Lisa eventually divorced after 18 years of marriage.

Zak and Joanie were together until she died of a heart attack (Credit: ITV)

Lisa's spell in jail

Despite a few violent outbursts when necessary, Lisa is a lover not a fighter. So it was uncharacteristic of her when she accidentally punched a police officer.

Despite it lacking in malice, Lisa was arrested and was sentenced to three months in prison.

Giving birth to Belle on Christmas Day

It was a Christmas miracle in 1998, when Lisa went out to the barn to see to an animal in distress and went into labour - even though she had no idea whatsoever that she was pregnant!

The family couldn't believe their eyes, when they went to see where she'd got to, and found her nestled in the hay with baby Belle.

Her status as an older mum only seemed to strengthen her relationship with her daughter, which remains one of the most heartwarming in the village.

Lisa gave birth to Belle on Christmas Day (Credit: ITV)

Protective Lisa has supported her daughter through her schizophrenia, subsequent psychosis and time in an institutional facility - even her relationship with psychopath Lachlan White.

Coping with Zak's cancer and later depression

In 2001, Zak was diagnosed with testicular cancer. With his wife's support, he overcame the illness although she wasn't amused when he repaid her by inviting his nightmare mother Peg to move in!

Lisa remained the backbone of the family when Sam's pregnant girlfriend Alice was also diagnosed with cancer and died from the disease.

In April 2012, Lisa began to notice Zak was becoming paranoid at the farm - even killing healthy chickens because he believed they were sick.

Fearing his cancer was returning, the family were shocked when Zak suffered a mental breakdown.

Zak was sectioned and eventually got better.

Lisa and Zak: 'Til death us do part (Credit: ITV)

Lisa's health and heart condition

Fours years ago, Lisa suffered what she thought was a heart attack after being sacked from Sharma & Sharma.

However, she was diagnosed with angina.

Last year, Aaron's half-sister Liv Flaherty spiked Lisa's drink which caused a near-fatal cardiac arrest.

After falling out with the whole family about it, Lisa ultimately decided that life in Emmerdale was no longer enjoyable, so she left for a new life in Scotland, where she took a job as a youth counsellor.

However, when she discovered she was dying due to terminal heart condition amyloidosis, she returned to the village to live out her final days with her friends and family.

Jane Cox has played Lisa for 23 years (Credit: ITV)

After announcing her departure, actress Jane said: "Lisa is so close to my heart as she's been such a huge part of my life for the past more than 23 years.

"So I know I will shed more than a few tears when it comes to filming her final scenes.

"But I'm really looking forward to my return to the show to tell this story and to give the character of Lisa a deserving farewell.

"I will miss her."

Not nearly as much as we will... Goodbye Lisa.

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