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Wednesday 19th February 2020

Emmerdale's Kerry pregnant after one-night stand with Cain, say fans

Another Dingle arrival?

Kerry Wyatt will discover she's pregnant with Cain Dingle's child after their one-night-stand, Emmerdale fans predict.

Next week, Cain will have sex with Kerry in the aftermath of his bitter marriage break-up.

Cain and Kerry spend the night together - but what will be the consequences? (Credit: ITV)

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On Tuesday (November 5), Moira will arrive back at Butlers in an attempt to get things back on track with Cain.

But she's floored when she walks in on him and Kerry clearly having slept together.

While Cain enjoys seeing Moira devastated, Moira now knows that Cain has put an end to their marriage for good.

Cain makes it clear his marriage to Moira is over (Credit: ITV)

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Cain is furious and deeply hurt by his wife's affair with his son Nate, and makes it clear he will never forgive her.

Kerry is probably going to end up falling pregnant with Cain's baby

Although Moira would probably be able to forgive Cain for sleeping with Kerry, pot kettle black and all that, fans think the scriptwriters plan to throw in another obstacle... A baby.

Viewers are now convinced Kerry will become pregnant with another Dingle baby - meaning both mum Kerry and daughter Amy would have mothered Cain's child.

Cain and Kerry have been at loggerheads over Kyle (Credit: ITV)

One viewer tweeted: "Kerry is probably going to end up falling pregnant with Cain's baby."

Another said: "Wonder if Kerry gets pregnant?"

A third added: "I'm already thinking, Kerry will become pregnant, all hell will break loose, Moira will be heart broken."

"That's pure nastiness," slammed one angry fan on Emmerdale Addicts Facebook fan page. "Cain slept with his cousin Charity, had a baby with her, slept with Amy, had another child and now he's going to sleep with his son's granny and get her pregnant?"

Another exclaimed: "Then he'll be dad to two kids by mother and daughter? Sick!"

Viewers know that in 2016, Kerry became pregnant and wasn't sure if the baby belonged to partner Dan or one-time lover Ross.

In the end, Kerry had an abortion.

Actor Jeff Hordley recently explained that Cain chooses to sleep with Kerry partly because Moira doesn't give him the answers that "he wants to hear".

Jeff said: "Cain's starting to hit self-destruct. I think Kerry and Cain are both really damaged and don't really care about what's happening.

"They want to fight against the world after everything they've been through recently. So they have this one-night stand to help them get over what's been happening to them."

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