Emmerdale’s Isabel Hodgins reveals future for Victoria Sugden and Luke Posner

Sounds like Luke could be returning!

Isabel Hodgins, who plays Victoria Sugden in Emmerdale, has revealed the future for her alter ego and love interest Luke Posner.

Fans of the soap know things are complicated with Victoria and Luke as his brother Lee raped her, resulting in her getting pregnant.

And with Victoria’s brother Robert in prison for murdering Lee, it’s left Victoria’s family at war with Wendy PosnerLuke and Lee’s mum.

Lee told Wendy that Victoria lied about the rape (Credit: ITV hub)

However Isabel has spoken about the future for the pair.

As reported in The Metro, Isabel said: “The situation is very difficult, with him being Lee’s brother.

“And I think he’s got a lot to deal with because he’s got his mum saying one thing, and Victoria saying another thing, but I think after everything she’s been through, she wants a friend.

Luke and Vic Emmerdale
Luke believes Victoria is telling the truth about Lee (Credit: ITV)

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“If that then turns into something then who knows, I think that would be nice, she deserves a happy ending, but we’ll just have to see how it all unfolds.”

Recently Wendy decided to move to the village, angering Victoria and Robert’s husband Aaron.

Aaron decided to try and drive her out of the village by following her around and smashing up her house with Luke present.

Hospital stranger Luke Emmerdale
Victoria is pregnant (Credit: ITV)

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Luke, who believes Victoria is telling the truth about Lee, moved away as he was fed up with his mother living in denial and calling Victoria a liar.

However Wendy decided to stay in the village.

Recently Wendy helped Aaron’s sister Liv after she suffered a seizure, but will it change anything between Aaron, Victoria and Wendy?

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7pm on ITV, with an extra episode at 8pm on Thursdays.

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