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Monday 14th October 2019

Emmerdale: Will Dawn be revealed as Harriet’s love child?

Harriet Finch had a shocking visitation last night, and it wasn't from her employer Jesus Christ.

The village vicar was visibly shocked on Thursday (13 December), when she was confronted by a face from her past - drug addict prostitute Dawn.

There is a secret connection between the pair (Credit: ITV)

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Viewers immediately realised that there's a secret connection between the pair - but is the former undercover policewoman really the mother of junkie Dawn?

Fans were surprised when the ITV soap dropped the bombshell that Dawn grew up with Harriet, although she knows her as Michelle.

Harriet, while undercover, lived with Dawn's dad Will when she was a child.

How many skeletons does Harriet have in her closet? (Credit: ITV)

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So no doubt Dawn is the vicar’s love child #emmerdale.

As Dawn spilled out the truth, a worried Harriet initially pretended she had no idea what Dawn was taking about in a desperate attempt to hide her secrets from her congregation.

However, in a private chat, Harriet later admitted she knew Dawn from her time as an undercover police officer trying to catch Dawn’s dad, a drug dealer.

In sad scenes, it became clear that Harriet was a surrogate mother to Dawn - and that her leaving the family had a negative effect on the young girl.

But some viewer believe there's more to the story than meets the eye, and think that Harriet really IS Dawn's mum.

Taking to Twitter, one said: "So no doubt Dawn is the vicar’s love child #emmerdale."

Another said: "So Harriet was Dawn's step mum or pretend in an elaborate undercover operation? BIG WOW. mother/daughter or sister would've been more explosive."

A third added: "This makes me even more sure that Harriet is Dawn’s Mum."

Many other fans were intrigued by the storyline and its possibilities, as Harriet was left promising Dawn she'd make up for wronging her family.

Actress Dow Blyton told the Radio Times: "Harriet spent four years living with Will as 'Michelle' to expose his drug dealing.

"Dawn considered Harriet to be her mum, so when Will was eventually convicted, she had to disappear.

"So Dawn was effectively orphaned which was the start of her downward spiral. It's really sad. Harriet lived with them and acted as a mum then as far as this little girl was concerned she vanished off the face of the earth."

Dawn appeared on the scene in a storyline connected to Ross Barton (Credit: ITV)

The actress also insists that, although she was working undercover, the love for Dawn's dad Will was "real" and she's left "heartbroken when Dawn tells her Will died. [...] Harriet feels incredibly guilty."

It's been a while since Harriet has had her own stand-out storyline, probably not since her fling with Cain Dingle, so it's exciting to see her step into the spotlight again.

Will her guilt lead her to take Dawn under her wing and get her clean?

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