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Monday 23rd September 2019

Emmerdale viewers think Maya is 'lying' about her attack - and have theories on who really did it

David's family suspected he was behind it

Viewers of ITV soap Emmerdale think Maya is 'lying' about her attack and they have theories on who really attacked her.

In Friday night's episode (June 7) it was revealed that Maya had been attacked and with David out at the time, his family started to suspect he was behind it.

Last night (June 10) David went to pay Maya a visit and the paedophile school teacher told her ex that she was attacked by a random woman.

However, fans think that wasn't the whole truth and it has to be someone she knows.

Could she be lying to protect someone - or herself? Or could she genuinely not have seen who did it?

Here's a round up of the best theories.

Alicia Metcalfe

Did Alicia secretly return and attack Maya? (Credit: YouTube/Emmerdale)

Alicia is Jacob's adopted mother and the sister of his biological mother Leyla Harding.

Although technically his auntie, Alicia raised Jacob as her own and David started to see Jacob as his own after marrying Alicia.

Alicia left Emmerdale village in 2015 to live in Portugal and hasn't been seen since.

Viewers think Alicia could have returned and attacked school teacher Maya for grooming her son Jacob.

In a Digital Spy forum called "ED - The attack on Maya" a user wrote: "Who do people think attacked Maya? She said a random woman but I'm hoping that the attack was actually Alicia and she somehow knew about the Jacob and Maya affair."

One added: "I hope it's Alicia."

I'm hoping that the attack was actually Alicia.

Viewers on Twitter also suspect Alicia.

Tracy Metcalfe

Did Tracy go after Maya? (Credit: ITV hub)

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David's ex-wife and Jacob's ex stepmother, Tracy is also a suspect.

Although Tracy and David are no longer together, the pair have kept a friendship and Tracy clearly cares for Jacob.

In the same Digital Spy forum, a few suspected Tracy, with one writing: "I've started to wonder if it could have been Tracy.

"When they were arguing it out at Pollard's she kept relatively quiet trying to calm everybody down, she just seemed out of character."

Another said: "Could be Tracy."

A Twitter user asked the same question: "It was Tracy??"

Maya set up the attack or hurt herself?

Some think Maya set the attack up (Credit: ITV hub)

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There is a theory that no one attacked Maya and she beat herself up or that she set someone up to attack her.

One even suggested she got Jacob to attack her.

Emmerdale airs Monday to Friday at 7pm with an extra episode on Thursday at 8pm

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