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Wednesday 29th January 2020

Emmerdale viewers spot clue to Kerry and Amy's downfall in fire storyline

Kerry and Amy started the fire that killed Frank!

Emmerdale viewers have spotted Kerry and Amy's potential downfall in the Sharma & Sharma factory fire storyline.

Although Amy and Kerry thought they'd destroyed all evidence of their break-in, fans have pointed out there might still be something to put them in the frame...

Last week Amy realised she was in trouble when a woman she had stolen from in Ireland had found her and demanded her money back.

Amy explained to her mum Kerry how she got involved with an abusive man, who took out loans in her name, and ended up having to steal from a friend in order to pay back a loan shark.

Amy owed money (Credit: ITV)

Kerry realised the hospital charity money, raised from the Wild West day would cover Amy's debt.

When Kerry went to leave the factory, she tampered with the fire alarm causing it to break.

When Jai revealed he couldn't get anyone out to look at the alarm till the next day, all work in the factory had to be put on hold, but whilst the place was empty, Kerry took advantage and stole the money from the safe.

Kerry stole the money from the safe (Credit: ITV)

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Kerry took the money to Amy and she wanted to return the cash but when they got back to the factory she changed her mind. Amy and Kerry destroyed the CCTV which ended up causing a fire.

Amy destroyed the CCTV footage (Credit: ITV)

Frank Clayton went into the factory to clear out his locker, as he had been sacked that day, and soon realised a fire had started and his daughter Tracy, who was in the factory to meet Billy, was trapped in the cupboard.

He managed to get his daughter out but went back into the building to get the engagement ring he had bought for his girlfriend Megan.

As he came out of the factory an explosion went off throwing Frank against a van, killing him.

Sadly now villagers are starting to think Frank started the fire to get revenge on Jai for firing him.

Frank was killed in the fire (Credit: ITV)

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Kerry helped solidify this theory to the police when she lied to them to cover her tracks.

She then flat out accused Frank of robbing the place, messing with the CCTV and setting it on fire, knowing she and Amy were the ones responsible.

However, viewers have pointed out there could be fingerprints on the safe, proving Kerry took the money.

Run those fingerprints on the safe through the system and catch Kerry out qt, slandering Frank like that, audacity of the woman.

Others have pointed out that CCTV footage can be backed up to the cloud, which would show Kerry and Amy destroying the CCTV system.

Also, Emmerdale fans have been questioning what happened to the engagement ring Frank went in to get from the factory.

They have branded Kerry 'disgusting and vile' and called for her and Amy to be axed.

Emmerdale is on Monday to Friday at 7pm with an extra episode at 8pm on Thursday on ITV.

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