Eastenders Graham Foster killed revealed

Emmerdale viewers will be ‘shocked’ by Graham’s murderer reveals Claire King

Graham's death will have a long list of suspects

Fans of Emmerdale will be shocked by the identity of Graham Foster’s murderer, actress Claire King has said.

Graham will be killed off in a whodunnit plot next week with the killer being revealed to viewers on Friday night’s episode.

Graham will be murdered next week on Emmerdale (Credit: ITV)

But while many fans think they have guessed the identity of the killer, Claire has said it isn’t that simple.

And she has hinted that it may not be one of the official suspects.

The current list of official suspects are Kim, Jamie and Andrea Tate, Al Chapman, Jai Sharma and Charity and Marlon Dingle.

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Claire told the Daily Star Sunday: “Kim shows her vulnerable side and admits that she is still in love with Graham.

“They’ve been together on and off for 20 years, and she lays her heart on the line and tells him. He leads her to believe that they’re going to get back together.

“It’s all quite cruel really. So when she discovers that she’s been played she decides she wants to get rid of him and orders his murder.”

Kim will order Graham’s death – but will she really be behind it? (Credit: ITV)

She added: “All I can say is everyone will be shocked by his death. It’s kind of obvious but it’s not. There are so many people gunning for him and it could even be someone that the viewers don’t suspect.”

While Kim is one of the frontrunners for wanting Graham dead – she isn’t the only one.

Since he arrived in Emmerdale, Graham has managed to rub pretty much every villager up the wrong way at some point, but as his final days arrive, Graham’s list of enemies is so long they’re almost queuing out of the village.

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By the end of the week, the evidence will be stacking up.

On Friday January 24 we will see the day of Graham’s death unfold once again, but this time from his point of view, finally revealing who has murder on their mind.

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